Xbox Game Pass in June 2022: FIFA 22, TMNT Shredder’s Revenge and more

We’re now ready for another wave of games to be announced for the second half of June 2022, but we’ve already gotten a little taste of what’s on the way for Xbox Game Pass. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge was recently announced on Game Pass on its first day of release (June 16), and now it’s also been confirmed that FIFA 22 will also be on the service via EA Play on June 23.

Xbox unveiled its first set of Game Pass games earlier in the month, with most of them already on the service, including Assassin’s Creed: Origins, For Honor: Marching Fire Edition, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, Chorus, Disc Room, and more. There hasn’t been full confirmation on everything else coming to Game Pass in the second half of the month, but there’s sure to be another official update from Xbox soon.

FIFA 22 is on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from June 23 (EA Play)

Xbox has officially announced that FIFA 22 will be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers starting June 23. FIFA 22 will be on EA Play next week, and with EA Play included with Game Pass Ultimate, that means you’ll also be able to play the game if you’ve got an Ultimate subscription. You can read our 7/10 review here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is on Xbox Game Pass June 16

In what is an absolutely radical addition to Game Pass, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge will be coming to the service on day one of its Xbox release. With the June 16 release date announced during Summer Game Fest, the news also comes with information that Casey Jones will be a playable character, and a new 6-player mode has also been announced, alongside the addition of games to Game Pass.

Everything is coming to Xbox Game Pass in June 2022

We all know by now that Xbox likes to release its Game Pass lineup in two waves every month. So all of the games listed below are from the first wave of announcements only, and you can expect more games to hit the service later in the month.

  • For Honor: Marching Fire Edition (Console, PC, Cloud) — June 1
  • Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (console and PC) — June 2
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins (Console, PC, Cloud) — June 7
  • Chorus (Cloud, Console and PC) [email protected] – June 7
  • Disc Room (Cloud, console and PC) [email protected] – June 7
  • Spacelines from the Far Out (Console & PC) [email protected] – June 7
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – June 16
  • Shadowrun Trilogy: Console Edition (Console) — June 21
  • FIFA 22 (EA Play/Game Pass Ultimate) – June 23
  • Naraka Bladepoint (Console) – June 23
  • Escape Academy (Console) — June 28

Assassin’s Creed Origins is available on Xbox Game Pass

We’ve known for a few months that Assassin’s Creed Origins is coming to Game Pass, but now you can play it at a higher frame rate on Xbox Series X/S after Origins received its 60FPS patch on June 2.

If you also want to check out all the DLC for Origins now that they are coming to the service, the Season pass is $28 (was $39.99) on the Microsoft Store. Game Pass Ultimate members can also access the Deluxe Pack for Origins. The Deluxe Pack includes the Ambush at Sea mission, the Desert Cobra Pack (including an outfit, two legendary weapons, a legendary shield, and a mount), and three ability points.

Everything leaving Xbox Game Pass this month

These games will leave Xbox Game Pass on June 15. Remember, you can still buy these games for 20% off right now with your Game Pass subscription, so you don’t have to say goodbye forever.

  • Darkest Dungeon (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Greedfall (cloud, console and PC)
  • Limbo (cloud, console and PC)
  • Worms Rumble (Cloud, Console, and PC)

The all-new PS Plus launches this month in the US and Europe

The all-new PlayStation Plus service, including new Extra and Premium game subscription tiers, will launch on June 13 in the US and June 23 in Europe. The new library of games will apparently introduce a competitor for Game Pass, with some big PS5 titles being immediately included in the service, and a few third-party titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and more.

What it won’t be is to release everything New games on the service for the first day of release. This means you won’t be able to play God of War Ragnarok through PS Plus on launch day. But, if you have the patience, you will still be able to play the game through the service about 1-2 years later.

First, your Game Pass subscription to have to not currently active – I repeat, you to have to not have an active Game Pass for this to work. Once you are confident, take the next step.

Then you need to invest up to 3 years of Xbox Live Gold. You can easily buy 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Codes from Amazon or other retailers, costing $60/£50 depending on your region.

I recommend stacking 2 years of Xbox Live Gold

The maximum stacking amount for Gold subscriptions is 36 months (costing $180), any more than that will not be lost. So to keep things safe for those who currently have a Gold subscription, I recommend sticking to just 2 years (costing $120/£100).

Now here comes the fun part. Once you’ve redeemed these codes and stacked your Xbox Live Gold membership to your heart’s content, you can then convert this time to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a 1:1 ratio.

Head to the Xbox Live Gold Upgrade Page and convert the time you paid directly to Game Pass Ultimate. If you’ve never used the upgrade feature before, it will cost you $1/£1 (total cost is $121/£101). If you’ve used it before, the upgrade will cost you $14.99 / £10.99.

All in all, you’ll only pay $135 at most for 2 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (down from $359). If you manage to complete a 3-year conversion, you will pay a maximum of $195 instead (instead of $539). Now that’s a big discount. Once you’re done, just make sure to turn off auto-renewal as well.

Robert Anderson is a Transactions Expert and Trade Editor for IGN. you can follow it @robertliam21 on Twitter.

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