World War I fighters are coming soon to the Oculus store – Road to VR


Air combat game about WWI War planes: fighters of the First World War has done pretty well since launching on Oculus’ App Lab platform earlier this year. After garnering critical praise and Oculus approval for launching on the official store, War planes: fighters of the First World War is now ready for release next week.

Developers Home network games announced that War planes: fighters of the First World War will be available on the Oculus Store on July 29, 2021. Games hosted through App Lab, which allows Quest owners to download content not moderated by Facebook, do not have the same visibility as those in the official store. is therefore a big step for one of the most successful App Lab games.

As indicated by his name, War planes: fighters of the First World War features WWI aerial combat, giving you a choice of 18 different planes that range from light scouts to heavy bombers. Check out the trailer below to see some of the old school fights like physically throwing bombs out of the plane by hand.

Currently, the game offers two campaigns that include hundreds of missions taking place in various locations, seasons and times of the day. It offers single player, PvP and cooperative multiplayer modes.

Depending on your abilities, you can play through arcade-style controls or flight simulator-style options, which the developers say are based on the aerodynamics of planes and things like automatic landing and take-off.

As the first success of App Lab, War planes: fighters of the First World War has already collected over 500 reviews, which brings it to a user rating of [4.9/5] stars. We’ll be looking to see how well it does on the Oculus store proper when it launches on July 29, as that will give the brave flight simulation a big jump in visibility. In the meantime, you may wish the game here.

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