Where is the MultiVersus store?

MultiVersus has been in Season 1 for about a month now. As the game continues to develop, several updates and character announcements have been released. However, some promised features have still not been implemented in the title. One of these features is the store function. Now that the Season 1 launch hype is waning, players are starting to wonder, where is the MultiVersus store?

In a tweet from Tony Huynh, co-founder of Player1stgames and game director for MultiVersus, Tony said, “Our main focus is always core systems, stability and bug fixes.” It looks like players will have to hold out for the store and the guild a bit longer, as Huynh also said the feature is “a bit outdated.” Huynh promises that the upcoming MultiVersus patch next week will be one of the biggest updates the game will receive so far.

What’s in season 1

With the addition of Morty, Rick, Black Adam, and Stripe in MultiVersus Season 1, here’s the current confirmed full MultiVersus roster. With current roster, current game modes and available maps.


  1. Arya Stark
  2. Batman
  3. insect rabbit
  4. Finn the human
  5. Garnet
  6. harley quinn
  7. iron giant
  8. Jacques the dog
  9. Reindog
  10. Shaggy
  11. Steven Universe
  12. Superman
  13. taz
  14. Tom and Jerry
  15. Velma
  16. wonder woman
  17. james lebron
  18. Rick Sanchez
  19. Morty Smith
  20. black adam
  21. Bandaged

Game Modes

• 2v2 team co-op mode
• Matches 1 vs 1
• 4 players each for himself
• Local matches from 1 to 4 players
• Cooperative matches against AI
• Personalized online lobbies
• The laboratory
• Tutorials


  • The Batcave (DC)
  • Tree Fort & Tree Fort 1 vs 1 (Adventure Time)
  • Scooby’s Haunted Mansion (Scooby-Doo)
  • EDGE 1 and 2 Trophy
  • Classic Platform 3
  • Training room
  • sky arena
  • Cromulons Scene (Rick and Morty)

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