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After taking a break from The Adventures of Lara Croft to work on Marvel’s AvengersCrystal Dynamics has announced a new installment in the grave robber franchise. Many expected a new grave robber game since the series celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. While a game had yet to be announced, fans were instead treated to the reveal of a Netflix animated series and a new tabletop RPG.

The Survivor trilogy that started with the gritty 2013 grave robber The reboot drew new fans to the character and the franchise as a whole, but it remains a highly controversial series that has pushed longtime fans away due to its portrayal of Lara Croft. Crystal Dynamics hinted last year that it wanted to unite the 2013 reboot with the original games, a move that will hopefully satisfy two sets of fans under one banner. Details remain scarce outside of the game being developed in Unreal Engine 5, but here’s what we hope to see from the next grave robber Game.

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The new game should be finished at launch

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Recent grave robber releases are no stranger to Season Passes or other forms of DLC, and Crystal Dynamics took the idea of ​​post-launch content one step further with Marvel’s Avengers‘ live service model. However, the best move for the next grave robber game is to be complete at launch. If the developers want to extend the life of the game beyond the first part, it would be better if the game included a compelling New+ game rather than paid DLC.

Give Lara more puzzles to solve

Crystal Dynamics addressed the flak grave robber (2013) and The Rise of the Tomb Raider received for not having enough tombs or sprawling puzzle layouts when publishing co-op puzzle platformer games guardian of light and Temple of Osiris. A combination of both series, and therefore a more traditional return to the roots of the franchise as a whole, is in order whichever version of Lara Croft Crystal Dynamics decides to sign on for its newest installment. Exploration and discovery are key elements of character, so having a host of quests that offer compelling loot in exchange for solving puzzles is mandatory.

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Lara should show her resourcefulness

Resource gathering and item crafting have become a staple of the adventure game genre, as has the ability to use stealth or non-lethal kills. New grave robber should continue what Crystal Dynamics established in the Survivor Trilogy by allowing Lara to scavenge objects from her environment to craft weapon parts or even weapons themselves, while allowing her to climb trees, swim under water or hiding in the environment to avoid detection. Such versatility allows players to approach the game and its challenges in different ways and provides a more personalized and unique experience.

Lara doesn’t need to map everyone unknown all at once


Another semi-established adventure game trait is that the game takes place in a vast open world that leaves players with little time for anything else in life. Lara is a treasure hunter, so it only makes sense that she thinks outside the box to find treasure. However, a well-guided narrative with room for exploration is all that is needed for the next grave robber. If anything, New Game+ could add the ability to find new treasures in the game world or unlock a high-level tomb that offers fun rewards for progressing through its challenges.

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Bonus costumes are always fun

When it comes to gameplay extras, finding alternate outfits in a game is usually a big motivator for players to complete quests. Alternate outfits are also a highlight of the grave robber franchise. Crystal Dynamics is expected to continue the tradition that players can find alternate outfits for Lara to wear that span the series’ history. Unearthing other bonus artifacts that are important to the series could also be a fun reminder of days gone by.

Which Lara Croft should play in the game?

grave robber has seen many reboots, but none have been as shocking as the introduction of Survivor Lara for longtime fans. Crystal Dynamics has expressed a desire to bridge the gap in fandom by connecting survivalist Lara who earned her stripes on Yamatai with the confident dual-gun professional of old.

The most likely solution to the “Which Lara?” is for Crystal Dynamics to take the character model from the Survivor Trilogy and have him adopt the attitude of the original. The Survivor Trilogy was, after all, meant to be an origin story; the character of Lara Croft already has an outcome. Either way, gamers are ready for Lara to once again become a pro female heavy hitter with the reputation to match.

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