Waterloo-Opoly gives a local touch to a classic board game


The boardwalk is in a different place on the plateau and you will lose a lap if you eat too many California Clubs at Korner Kitchen.

A new take on the classic Parker Brothers Monopoly board game features Waterloo themes.

The two universities, Hillside Park, Conestoga Mall and the Iron Horse Trail are among the properties available for purchase. Utilities have been replaced by Waterloo Fire Rescue and Winterloo, and instead of buying railroads, players compete to rack up King Street, Columbia Street, University Avenue, and Conestoga Parkway.

Waterloo-Opoly, produced by Outset Media and owned and operated by Canadians, is now one of more than 150 localized titles in the game that have been released to the Canadian market in recent years. Kitchener-Opoly was released in 2020.

“We started with a very small group of games as a test in the East actually, and it went really well,” said Outset senior vice president Jean-Paul Teskey.

People spent more time at home during the pandemic, which led to a substantial growth in the popularity of board games, according to the company. The support that communities across Canada have given to the games has added dozens of additional towns and villages.

Monopoly is the best-selling board game of all time. “We’re trying to make things a little more fun and a little more personal for people,” Teskey says.

Although versions of the game have already been adapted for large cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, Teskey said they are generally more popular in mid-sized cities, some of which have overtaken major markets.

Waterloo is an ideal city, he said. Given its student body, many people retain a personal attachment to the region, even though they might live elsewhere after graduation.

Waterloo-Opoly will soon be available at local Walmart stores and online at walmart.ca.



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