Upcoming World Series Board Game Tournament in 2022


The tabletop gaming world is about to take its first big step in high-stakes glamor thrills with a recent announcement. It looks like the World Series of Board Gaming is hosting their very first Championship Games event for casual and competitive gamers, with massive cash prizes as a reward.

As the information on the official website United States, the World Board Games Championships will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 28 to October 2, 2022. The competition will begin with 16 qualifying matches between groups of three to four players with winners determined in five rounds or less. If you do manage to win any of these qualifying matches, you will be rewarded with an official WSBG qualifying ring for the match you won and have made it to the semi-finals and finals.

If you are successful, the grand prize for the winner is $ 25,000. However, those who competed will not leave empty-handed either. While the second and third place winners will take home cash prizes of $ 10,000 and $ 5,000 respectively, over $ 100,000 in prizes will be awarded to those who qualify throughout the event.

Well the rings look like it’s worth it at least

As for the board games that will be specifically presented at the World Series of Board Gaming Championships, this information will be available soon. According to an official schedule on the website, various outlets as well as YouTube and streaming personalities within the tabletop gaming community will showcase the board games that will be used in the championships. These will include bands like Drive Thru Games, Rolling Dice & Taking Names, as well as Roll for Crit and Man vs Meeple.

While everyone involved has been quiet about the games that will be featured, a public relations representative spoke to Half board game with some clarity on the structure of the event. For logistical reasons, board games will only be those intended for 3-4 players, no two-player game will be offered. Additionally, the games selected will be a mix of recent board games, two of which were just released this year, as well as old classics. As for tickets, according to one of the events organized today by Spectacular Fall of the Dice Tower, they appear to be valued at $ 250 and will be part of a giveaway. They also confirmed that one of the games featured will be the hyperviolent board game, Black anger. If you want to try your luck for the grand prize, start saving now. As for any additional information regarding the organizers themselves, the game masters and the administrators, the official site is sparse and official statements claim that the benefactors wish to remain anonymous.

Either way, it’s a big event for board game fans and enthusiasts. Usually the Las Vegas venue is reserved for more mainstream tournaments like poker, and hosting such an event can be deceptively difficult. But with the prevalence of eSports and the continued ubiquity of tabletop games, this development hasn’t exactly come out of nowhere.

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