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People’s vote is now open for this year’s UK Games Expo Awards with a shortlist covering 52 finalists in 18 board game categories.

With the nomination process now closed, voting has begun and the judges at UK Games Expo 2021 have drawn up a shortlist of the best games – and accessories and novelty items – submitted.

This year’s UK Games Expo People’s Awards categories cover Best Abstract Game, Best Kids’ Game, and Best Family Game, as well as Best New Board Game (American Style) and Best New Board Game (American Style) European).

Categories for Best New Card Game, Best Party Game, and Best RPG have also been included, with a slew of favorites and well-known titles appearing across all categories, including the Kinderspiel des Jahres winner. 2021 Dragomino, Zombie Teenz Evolution, and the popular card game Abandom All Artichokes.

The winners will be revealed at this year’s UK Games Expo, which returns to the Birmingham NEC from July 30 to August 1 after its one-year hiatus when the pandemic forced the show to go virtual in 2020.

This year’s show promises to deliver its usual lineup, minus its Bring and Buy to avoid the queues and crowded crowds. Return events at this year’s show will include its family zone and family-specific exhibitors and events, and over 200 exhibitors ready to demonstrate and sell their games and gaming products.

The event recently updated its health and safety rules for the show, which include mandatory masks and proof of covid vaccination or negative covid tests from all exhibitors and visitors.

Meanwhile, voting remains open on the UK Games Expo People’s Awards. Check out the full list below or vote here.

Best abstract game

Distrix – Distrix Games LLC
Flash 8 – Scorpion Mask

Best game for kids

Detective Charlie – Loki / IELLO
Dragomin – Blue Orange
Pickups – Gigamic

Best family game

Daring Dustbunnies – Hopwood games
Ghost Adventure – Buzzing games
Zombie Teenz Evolution – Scorpion mask

Best game novelty

In search of the dragon – Game flow
The Legend of the Five Rings: Poison River, by Josh Reynolds РAconyte Books, Asmod̩e Entertainment
Senet Magazine – Senet Magazine Ltd.

Best miniature range

Dungeons and diversity – Role-playing miniatures – Strata Miniatures
Dystopian wars: in search of the Prometheus – Warcradle Studios
Stargrave: Sci-Fi War Games in the Ravaged Galaxy – Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures

Best miniature rules

Dystopian Wars: Rules and Gubbins Set – Warcradle Studios
Stargrave: Sci-Fi War Games in the Ravaged Galaxy – OspreyGames

Best New Accessory

5th State Chips – Dungeon bones
Adventure Box – Valley of PerilLoke Battle Mat
DM’s Little Black Book –

Best New Board Game (American Style)

Kitara – IELLO
Meeple Land – Blue Orange
X-Men Mutant Uprising – Fantastic Flying Games

Best New Board Game (European Style)

Dinner in Paris – Funny fox
Earth of excavations – Powerful tables
Merv: the heart of the Silk Road – Osprey games

Best New Board Game (Strategy)

Prisma Arena – Hub games
Intrepid: North Africa – Osprey games
Unrivaled: Battle of Legends, Vol. 1 – IELLO

Best New Card Game (Overall)

Abandon all artichokes – Gamewright
Royal Visit – IELLO
Village Green: a game of pretty gardens and little grudges – Osprey games

Best New Card Game (Strategic)

Imperium: Classics – Osprey games
Imperium: Legends – Osprey games
Schotten Totten 2 – IELLO

Best New Dice Game

Escape from the Dark Sector – Theme
Paper Dungeons – Alley cat games
Hiking 12 – Lumberjack workshop

Best board game

50 Clues: Part 1 – The Pendulum of the Dead – 50 clues
Idea – Osprey games
Speech in the street – Educational perspectives

Best role-playing adventure

ALIEN RPG Destroyer of Worlds – Free League Edition
Dust banquet – MontiDots Ltd
Jackals: The Fall of the Bronze Children: A Great Campaign for the Jackals – Osprey games

Best role-playing expansion

The land of the rising sun – Brittannia Game Designs Ltd
The hell of limbo – MontiDots Ltd
The Compendium of Equestria – River horse games

Best role-playing game

Jackals: Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying Game – Osprey games
The Dee sanction – All rolled up
Vaesen – Nordic Horror RPG – Free League Edition

Variants and extensions

Dice Hospital: Community Care – Alley cats games
Small World of Warcraft – Wonder days
Stuffed Fables: Oh, Brother Expansion – Fantastic Flying Games

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