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Nothing appeals to gamers more than a good sale, this time around the entire Watch Dogs franchise is on sale on the Ubisoft Store.

There are deals available at this unreal Watch Dogs sale. All titles are PC digital download versions of the game.

Watch Dogs Ubisoft Store Sale

The Watch Dogs franchise quickly became one of Ubisoft’s most popular original titles. From a somewhat shaky but very enjoyable start with the original Watch Dogs to the last title, Legion, the entire franchise is currently on sale through the Ubisoft store.

Unlike the old FarCry Sale, the Watch Dogs Sale doesn’t offer any packs to get everything in one place. Instead, the following options are available;

  • Watch Dogs Standard Edition – £ 6.50
  • Watch Dogs Complete Edition – £ 10.50
  • Watch Dogs 2 Standard Edition – £ 10.00
  • Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition – £ 11.80
  • Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition – € 16.80
  • Watch Dogs Legion – £ 20.00
  • Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition – € 35.60
  • Watch Dogs Legion Ultimate Edition – € 40.00

Watch Dogs DLC Sale

If you already own some of the Watch Dogs titles and just need the DLC, that’s on sale too! You can access all of the content from all three titles at fantastic prices.

You can get the Season Pass for the original and Legion while there are more options available for Watch Dogs 2;

  • Watch Dogs Season Pass – £ 4.25
  • Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass – £ 6.80
  • Watch Dogs 2 No Compromise – £ 1.72
  • Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions – £ 2.50
  • Watch Dogs Supreme Pack 2 – £ 2.50
  • Watch Dogs 2 Ultimate Pack – £ 3.40
  • Watch Dogs 2 T-Bone Content Pack – £ 1.18
  • Watch Dogs 2 Mega Pack – £ 3.40
  • Watch Dogs Legion Season Bass – € 22.09
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