Torrington Police’s New Therapy Dog


Have you seen the advertisement for Pedigree dog food? The ad with the little girl in a hospital bed bemoaning her mother that “More treatment” was coming, and she blurted out the excited little “Awwww” When a tan and white dog creeps up to her bedside? It’s heartwarming, check it out –

Dogs have a calming effect in tense situations, their unconditional love and general playfulness can work wonders in the right situation. The Torrington City Police Department and Chief Bill Baldwin announced on their social media that they had just received a generous donation from “Puppies Behind Bars,” a one-and-a-half-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever named Addison. Torrington Police Officer Hannah Yabrosky will take care of Addison, who will accompany her on patrol.

According to Chief Baldwin, therapy dogs like Addison provide comfort and support to individuals and especially agents during stressful and critical events. Addison will be used for the welfare of officers and community outreach.

Officer Yabrosky recently participated in a two-week training program in New York City, where trainers at Puppies Behind Bars carefully trained each of their dogs to carefully interact with people who have suffered some form of seizure. With training, Officer Yabrosky and Addison will be better able to recognize the signs of a crisis and give both of them better ways to deal with potentially difficult situations.

Addison will also help in situations with someone having a mental health crisis, but he is not your typical K9 police, Addison will not be used for narcotics, missing person, apprehension or evidence retrieval. , quite simply, he’s there for the public, and the Torrington Police Department officers to be a buddy, a friend when you need him.

Chief Baldwin goes on to thank Jon Alfano of Torrington of Alfano’s Hyundai, Alfano’s generous donation will allow Addison and Constable Yabronsky to comfort the residents for three years. Well done everyone, I love it.

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