Top 8 Table Games That Will Ruin Your Friendship


Board games have always been an essential aspect of a social group for bonding and enjoying, but if you’ve ever played a board game, from classics like Monopoly, Risk or Catan, to simpler ones like Uno, the truth is this Board game life can easily be filled with competition, and if you have to learn the hard way, some table games can potentially destroy relationships.

Nonetheless, even with such a crucial factor at play, we keep playing the game because sometimes winning is good.

Therefore, all in the name of harmless fun, despite the fact that relationships are threatened by impending doom, here are our top picks of table games to play if you want to betray, exploit and cheat your friends for your own victory. personal. Also, if we ran out of good choices, please let us know as well.

Stroke ($ 6.99)

The objective of this game is to be the last man standing. Stroke uses your ability to manipulate and bluff to ultimately win the game. The 15-card deck consists of triplicate of five different characters whose unique influences and abilities will give you a potential advantage in running the game.

Each player randomly receives two character cards at the start as well as two coins. As the game progresses, each participant will need to be an observer of how their counterparts act during the game. If players feel that something is wrong during another player’s turn, they can bluff their influence. , forcing them to reveal their character. If the suspicious player is caught bluffing they will lose influence, but if they tell the truth they can swap their character for another and the person who bluffed will lose theirs instead.

Here is a list of what players can do on their turn:

Character action Effect Neutralization
Returned Take 1 piece
Foreign aid Take 2 coins
Stroke Pay 7 coins for a player to lose influence
Duke Tax Take 3 coins Block foreign aid
Assassin Murder Pay 3 coins for a player to lose influence
Ambassador Exchange Exchanging Cards with Court Deck Block theft
Captain Steal Take 2 pieces from another player Block theft
Contesse Block assassination

Dinner Donner (US $ 18.73)

Donner Dinner is a fast-paced social deduction game that involves manipulation and tests your ability to find out if your friends are lying or put your deceptive face into action.

Players will be given random character cards that indicate whether they are a pioneer or a cannibal, the latter being the antagonist of the game. In addition, each player is also equipped with equipment that comes in handy to help you out. survive being eaten – unless of course you’re a cannibal, in which case you might want to fool around with what you have.

Each round consists of hunting players, led by the camp leader appointed for that specific round. Players will bring food to the table from their decks to feed the number of campers this turn. If the food is not able to feed everyone, a player will be eliminated. The cannibals will try to thwart the efforts of the pioneers since they prefer to taste human flesh rather than the food offered.

Ultimately, if the number of cannibals equals or exceeds the number of pioneers, the cannibals win, and if the pioneers survive seven rounds, they win instead.

Munchkin ($ 22.49)

Based on the clichés and quirks of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and other role-playing games, Munchkin is a game that uses strategic acts to reach the first level to win. Players can acquire D&D style character classes during the game, which to some extent determines which cards each participant can play. Each player starts at level one and in order for them to win they must first reach level 10 the fastest.

There are two decks of cards on the board – treasure and encounters. Each turn, players “break down a door” by drawing an encounter card, which usually involves fighting a monster. Monsters have their own levels and players must try to overcome them using the levels, weapons and powers they have acquired along the way. Other players can help choose to help the player defeat the monster or hinder it by adding additional monsters to the encounter. Defeating a monster will result in drawing a treasure card and gaining a level, but losing to a monster would usually involve losing levels and treasure.

Ultimate One Night Werewolf (US $ 11.09)

If you are looking for a quick game to play with friends, Ultimate One Night Werewolf is perfect for that. About 10 minutes of playing time, with up to 10 players, this game can be short but it is still fun and engaging.

Players will be given a random role – the villainous werewolf, the cunning troublemaker, the helpful seer, or one of twelve other characters who hold a special ability that will help each other survive. During a turn, players have the option of using their talents to avoid being devoured by the wolf and once the turn is over, the village will have to decide who the werewolf is. The rounds will continue once the wolf is discovered or once the villagers are eliminated.

Due to its fast pace, players will want to keep playing, but beware once the discussions heat up as it could lead to an unexpected friendship strain.

Quoridor (US $ 34.29)

Quoridor is an abstract strategy game. Surprisingly, despite having simple rules, this is a game that requires top notch analysis to strategically win against your opponent. The objective of the game is to make your pawn advance away from the board while trying to prevent other players from doing the same.

On each player’s turn, they can either move their pawn on the tile around them, or place a wall to hinder their opponents. Wall placements are a good way to get in the way, but not completely block them out.

With all of the players struggling to block each other from their goal of absolute victory, this is sure to be a game that will lead to ruined relationships.

Risk (US $ 12.66)

One of the most popular games on this list, Risk is a war game with the aim of conquering the world. This specific board game gave birth to different thematic editions such as Star wars, Game of thrones and even Halo. Still, with all of the variations, the gameplay remains the same.

Each player’s turn is to add reinforcements across the held territories, attack other players by comparing the highest dice rolled, and / or move an army group to another territory adjacent to yours. Players only have three moves per turn, so they can choose to act as they wish.

It’s a simple and straightforward game to play, but it hurts friendships more than we all expect. Nonetheless, it is a RISK worth taking if it means victory.

Secret Hitler ($ 62.81)

If you are a big fan of political and historical board games, Secret Hitler is the game to get your hands on. It’s dramatic and includes plenty of betrayals, while far less grim than actual historical events, it’s still a game that can turn players’ backs.

Each player is randomly and secretly assigned to be part of the Liberal Party or the Fascist Party, and a specific player to be the Secret Hitler. The fascists will coordinate to sow distrust throughout the group and potentially install their leader in cold blood for the decision. The liberals must find and prevent Secret Hitler and the fascists from winning the game.

At first the players will close their eyes and the fascists will have to reveal themselves to each other. In addition, Secret Hitler, with his eyes closed, will give a thumbs up during the revelation so his party will know its leader. The fascists learn who Hitler is, but Hitler does not know who his supporters are. As for the Liberals, they do not know who nobody is.

For each round, players elect a president and a chancellor who will work together to enact a law from a random set of laws the players have given. For the liberals to win, they will have to adopt five liberal policies or assassinate Secret Hitler. The fascist team, for its part, will have to adopt six fascist policies or elect Secret Hitler as chancellor after the adoption of three fascist policies.

This game will definitely cause a barrier between friends who are from different parties with the bluffing and manipulation that ensues. Nevertheless, it is a board game that appeals to humor, which all board games end with.

UNO (US $ 9.99)

When it comes to ruining friendships, the classic UNO game rules everything. Played with a small group of two or a large group of 10, this game will definitely make or break any social group.

Players are given random UNO cards and each will have to race to empty their hands while thwarting other players’ chances of winning against you. Players take turns trying to play a card by matching its color, number, or word to the highest card found on the discard pile. If a player is unable to put down a card, he may draw one from the draw pile and if he still cannot, he will have to skip his turn.

To spice things up and increase the possibility of a fight, UN is filled with Wild and Special cards that annoy everyone when playing against each other. This ensures a fun session filled with tension and potentially leads to long-standing grudges in the future.

Plus, with the UN celebrating its 50th anniversary, Mattel has done everything to commemorate this spirit of inclusion and competitive fun. The US toy company will release a list of new UNO Anniversary sets that introduce new gameplay twists, along with a new logo and slogan.

And that’s it for our list of table games that will ensure a ruined friendship. While we may (or may not) joke about ruining friendships, this list is by no means a reason to intentionally sever your friendships. Instead, a way for your group of friends and family to bond with each other stronger.

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