This Middle Tennessee Business Brings Your Candlelight Picnic Dreams To Life


Forget your checkered blanket and wicker basket. This new Nolensville business has raised the bar for your picnic game.

Longtime friends Jessica Chambliss and Angely Bailey launched Sittin Pretty Luxury Picnic Designs this summer, and they want to bring your picnic visions to life on Instagram. With intimate tables on comfy cushions, a bohemian tent for glamping, and a private cinema screen, the possibilities are endless for picnic themes.

The two mulled the idea over their weekly Wednesday breakfast when Chambliss said she would like to rent the picnic when she finally moved to Florida in the years to come. Then her best friend since CP came up with an idea: why don’t they do it now, together?

“We made life together. We just never thought of a business venture together, ”said Bailey, who is a dental hygienist in Nolensville.

So the two pooled their money and several thousand dollars later, they have a storage unit full of their luxury picnic gear.

“It was like Christmas every day,” said Chambliss. “We were getting packages left and right.”

They posted photos on their Facebook page and business took off with birthdays, Father’s Day tea and date nights.

The two women take care of all the setup and cleanup and dream of future ideas for their business, including plans to partner with a deli company to provide food and hope to buy a heated igloo for the months to come. winter.

“We think it could be a full time gig someday,” Chambliss said.

How it works

Although based in Nolensville, Chambliss and Bailey serve counties in Middle Tennessee near Nashville. The rental is two hours and each additional hour is $ 50. They make reservations on their The Facebook page.

The price starts at the following:

  • An adult table for two: $ 150; $ 20 for each additional guest up to six
  • A children’s table for eight: $ 175; $ 10 for each additional guest
  • Two adult tables for seven: $ 300; $ 20 for each additional guest up to 12
  • Three adult tables for 13: $ 450; $ 20 for each additional guest up to 18

The rental includes all the necessary equipment for a picnic by candlelight. The rental of the glamping tent and the cinema screen is at an additional cost.

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