There’s a massive board game sale going on right now on Amazon

Looking to stock your board game cabinet? Now is the perfect time to do so, as Amazon is currently running a huge board game sale. You clipped the coupon on the page to get the sale prices, but those are huge discounts off the MSRP. Many of these are significantly lower than they were in Amazon’s early Black Friday sale, which has now expired.

Below, we’ve picked out the best board games worth buying, especially at their new, temporarily reduced price. Again, most of these discounts come in the form of a clip-on coupon on the Amazon listing page.. Be sure to click the checkbox to get the discount to apply in the cart.

Wingspan board game for $35.62

Stonemeier Games’ Wingspan is an incredibly good board game. So good in fact that we considered it the best board game of 2019. Wingspan looks like a deceptively simple game; the ultimate goal is to attract as many birds as possible to your wildlife sanctuary and help them proliferate. There are only four actions you can perform: draw a bird card, play a bird card, get food, and lay eggs. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, let’s just say that these four actions mask an incredibly complex (albeit very beginner-friendly) engine-building game that you’ll have to juggle between bringing new birds into the fold and keeping your existing birds well-stocked and in a breeding frenzy. Wingspan is infinitely replayable, and you’ll find yourself developing and perfecting new strategies with each subsequent playthrough.

Ark Nova board game for $59.96

Ark Nova board game

This is the first ever big discount we’ve seen for this board game. Ark Nova is another board game released very recently, earlier this year. Since its release, it has risen through the ranks and gained a reputation as one of the best strategy board games of all time. The premise of Ark Nova seems quite simple. You control a modern zoo and it’s your job to take care of the animals, undertake conservation and research projects, attract and entertain customers, and run the most successful zoo in the game. not a game for board game lovers; there are plenty of mechanics to follow, and the “medium-heavy” complexity is on par with other ambitious games like Gloomhaven, Terraforming Mars, and Scythe.

Viticulture Board Game for $34.49

Stonemaier Games Viticulture Board Game

$11.50 coupon

Stonemaier Games Viticulture Board Game

Viticulture is an economic strategy game in which you must maintain and profit from your vineyards. This mainly means hiring workers to build structures, grow and harvest your grapes, facilitate the winemaking process, and of course, sell the wine. Best played with two to six players, but this game can also be enjoyed solo. Although it is a fairly old version (2013), it is rarely updated and it is still considered one of the best budget games, especially since it is not as complex as some other similar board games.

Scythe board game for $46.49

Scythian board game

Scythe is a competitive engine-building game set in an alternate history. It is designed for 1-5 players and offers around 2 hours of gameplay per session. It is consistently ranked among the top 20 board games of all time on BoardGameGeek. It’s also one of the more complex games on this list, so board game newbies might want to avoid this one. For serious board game enthusiasts, however, Scythe is well worth even the retail price.

Azul for $23.99


Azul is an unusual board game in that it doesn’t involve war, intrigue, or anything major. Instead, Azul players compete to design the most beautiful tiled mosaics possible. You and your opponents claim tiles from a central market and place them on your board. Play smart and you’ll hamper your opponent while creating intricate patterns yourself for extra points.

Jumanji: Deluxe Edition for $27.99

Jumanji: Deluxe Edition

After reading the book or seeing the movies, only a fool would play the Jumanji board game, right? Bad. Only a fool would not play it, because it really looks like a lot of fun. This deluxe version of this cooperative board game is a well-designed mystery box that lets you and your teammates work together to survive a journey through the jungle.

Marvel Dice Throne 4 Hero Box for $37.40

Marvel Dice Throne 4 Hero Box

If you’ve played Dice Throne S1 or S2, you’ll be familiar with the Marvel variant. This is a popular dice game that has received great reviews from the board game community. The base set allows up to four players to choose from one of four Marvel Super Heroes: Miles Morales Spider-Man, Thor, Loki, and Scarlet Witch. Although it’s a dice game at its core, the majority of the gampley involves playing cards to deal damage, enhance your abilities, or apply status effects to your opponents. The last hero standing wins.

Dice Throne goes a step further by creating a unique set of dice and cards for each hero. If you want more variety, you can expand your roster to eight total Superheroes (the same number as in the Kickstarter Limited Edition) with two 2 Hero Boxes that include Captain Marvel and Black Panther Where Dr Strange and Black Widow.

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