The sequel to Undaunted will be released next year


The tabletop world has been given something new to hope for confirmation of a sequel to the World War II deck-building game Undaunted.

The news came from an interview with Wargamer. Intrepid Lead developers Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson spoke with the store about their deckbuilding game as well as the suite expansions that have since been released. Intrepid combines building a deck of resources and weapons, map tiles, and soldier figures to win decisive WWII-based battles.

The first game released was Undaunted: Normandy in 2019, which focuses on the famous D-Day. Following this was Intrepid: North Africa, naturally covering the African front, released in 2020. Oddly enough, this same game introduced tanks into the core gameplay. The third version, simply titled Dauntless: Reinforcements is a modular expansion for Normandy and North Africa which will be released next month. The expansion will include new units, storylines, an all-new four-player mode, and a single-player variant designed by artists David Digby and David Turczi.

It’s definitely more in-depth than a normal deck-building game.

As the interview continued, Benjamin and Thompson spoke vaguely about what the follow-up post would include. They mentioned that all versions have a predictable pipeline; that a new version would be released for the game once a year. They also expressed how important the next release would be for Undaunted. This would be the most significant addition in terms of scope and scale. Thompson said: “But also from a design complexity standpoint, it pushed us into new ways that we’ve never pushed before,” he continued, “People have always asked us. what was going to happen with Undaunted, and Trevor and I have no interest in re – theming it with very little change – it’s not at all interesting to us. So it has to be significantly different, and it certainly is. significantly different. “

Thompson and Benjamin have both confirmed that the full version of the design for this sequel has already been sent to publisher Osprey Games. If all goes well, it will be released next year.

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