The Monopoly Sopranos set will allow you to earn capo status at home


The past 18 months have truly been a rebirth for The Sopranos fandom. Beyond the upcoming feature film starring James Gandoflini’s own son Michael as young Tony Soprano, as well as the hit podcast currently hosted by Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa (which actually landed them a contract of book), new instances of media + related products rolled off the production line almost every two days. The latest new collection to collect? Monopoly: The Sopranos Edition (and just in time for this new era of blockages on Australia’s east coast).

“Call the shots in Monopoly: The Sopranos, based on the Emmy-winning crowd drama,” the official description reads.

“Buy, sell and swap popular places like Tony Soprano’s house and Satriale’s pork shop, before you shop around and bargain at The Bada Bin. Let tokens like The Stugots or Bobby Bacala’s toy train engine take you across the board and be the last boss standing!

Other cohesive thematic changes to the beloved board game include renamed houses Stashes, renamed hotels Contrabands, Chance cards renamed AYY !, Community Chest cards renamed OHH !, and other cute financial penalties like Protection. and Boss’ Cut.

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Monopoly: The Sopranos Edition includes the following:

  • 1 x game board
  • 6 x Collectible Tokens (Baby Duck, The Stugots, Bobby Bacala’s Toy Train Engine, Satriale’s Pig, Dr Mefli’s Chair, Barone Sanitation Truck)
  • 32 x houses (“caches)
  • 12 x hotels (“smuggling”)
  • 28 x title deed cards
  • 16 x Chance (“AYY!”)
  • 16 x community safe (“OHH!”)
  • 2 x dice
  • Custom Monopoly Currency (Barone Bucks)
  • Rule book

We know, we know… when you’ve made the sale, you can stop selling. So, without further ado, buy a set for just US $ 39.99 below.

monopoly of the sopranos

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