The Epic Store just got afflicted with its first NFT game

The Epic Store saw the launch of its first NFT game today, Blankos Block Party (opens in a new tab)a sort of Roblox-like creation game powered by everyone’s favorite tech snake oil, Web3 and blockchain.

First, an acknowledgment⁠ – we featured Blankos Block Party at the PC Gaming Show in 2020, a time when the idea of ​​blockchain-based gaming was still in its humble infancy, as opposed to its current, speculative scam , recovering from the recent crypto-crash teenage years.

Our editorial staff (opens in a new tab) at the time contains grim omens of what was to come. “With some Blankos being seasonal or limited edition, there is a certain rarity for certain characters. It follows the same logic of collecting physical designer toys in that sense,” PC Gamer wrote that year. If only we had known.

There are certainly attractive fundamentals for Blankos. After all, Roblox is a megahit with some cool ideas: what if someone did something like that that didn’t look like, you know, this. The “Social Multiplayer Party Game” has a robust level editor, which reminds me of Fortnite Creative or Little Big Planet and could under the right circumstances foster a similar environment of user creativity.

Blankos looks like a nice and charming multiplayer playground, but I have a hard time seeing it as anything other than another example of a very negative gaming trend, the one that once quite bullish Ubisoft recently distanced himself. (opens in a new tab). A quick search of the game’s name on YouTube doesn’t turn up examples of cool community projects, but rather a litany of guides on how to make money playing it.

Steam has taken a tough stance against blockchain games, while the Epic Store has left the door open to NFTs (opens in a new tab). Time will tell if Epic will reap the rewards with a few Web3 megahits. According It’s worth playingBlankos developer Mythical Games claimed to have reached one million gamer accounts in December 2021, but its footprint on YouTube and Twitch appears quite light, with just 41 concurrent viewers on the latter platform at the time of writing.

But maybe my skepticism is unfounded, especially when Blankos has apps as deadly as the Minnie B (opens in a new tab) winged donkey skin made in collaboration with Burberry. It’s also only $900, an absolute bargain.

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