The Elder Scrolls is perfect for an RTS spin-off

The Elder Scrolls has a rich history filled with wars spanning across the continent, and the RTS genre would be a perfect way to portray this aspect of Tamriel.

Gameplay and lore are two aspects of games that can sometimes have connection issues. This is usually the case in open world games where the player is only part of a much larger world. Ancient scrolls is an example of a series where this disconnection can be a problem. As the games take place in a world with a bloody history shaped by war, players will rarely, if ever, participate in something that feels like a massive battle.

This is not the game’s fault, but rather a limitation of the genre. Old scrolls The games allow players to explore the world they inhabit, taking on individual quests and small groups of enemies rather than engaging in full-scale combat. It was attempted, for example, the Battle of Bruma of Oversight, but never insofar as it corresponds to the discovery of knowledge. However, a real-time strategy spin-off could be successful in this aspect, allowing players to engage with Tamriel in a whole new way.

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Elder Scrolls Oblivion

The RTS genre focuses more on tactics of warfare than a personal commitment to the people involved. These games usually focus on colonies or countries and require the player to build their army to engage on many fronts. However, games only work if the conflict is interesting enough to keep the player’s focus. Ancient scrolls has a wealth of knowledge that indicates a lot of inspiration for Bethesda. There are many historical battles ranging from the unification of the first Cyrodillic Empire to the wars between the Thalmor that preceded the events of Skyrim. These events are mentioned in the game, but giving players the chance to wage these wars will allow them to see the world in a whole new light.

Another important aspect for any RTS is the races and factions that players have access to. Each faction needs to be different enough that players stay engaged in fighting and playing them. Fortunately, the franchise already has a large selection of players. They could choose to play as the empire struggling to unify all of Tamriel through legions, or as the Argonians accumulating their forces to combat any external threat. Each army could field unique units, such as Nordic Berserkers or High Elf Wizards. There might also be similarities in some of the base units while still retaining the unique traits of each race.

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Elder Scrolls Online

Ancient scrolls The series is no stranger to the game’s change in style and genre when it comes out of the offshoots of the main series. There have been MMOs, card games, and even an upcoming board game based on the series. Each has helped expand the game’s universe, allowing fans to explore new avenues of the beloved series. An RTS game would allow players to experience moments that are just footnotes in the books they occasionally discover while digging through caves.

The series has the potential to enter the genre with relatively little configuration. The building blocks of factions and relationships are already there. The guilds that were introduced could be used to build emissaries and assassins, while the dremora and the plains of oblivion could help add a new enemy for the rulers to fight against. There is so much potential to be enriched Ancient scrolls‘world that way, and a spinoff could be a great way to bridge the gap until The Elder Scrolls 6 one day frees.

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