The brief introduction about Jiangsu Hicreate Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Hicreate Entertainment Co., LTD. was established in 2015 as a leading manufacturer of board games and card games, specializing in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of board games, card games and game components relevant such as the pawn, the miniature and the dice. Hicreate has design team and service team which can serve customer all over the world. Their philosophy is: to provide a one-stop service for board games, to make creation a reality. Their goal is to be the best board game maker in the world! Welcome to visit company and establish business relationship with Hicreate.

“The Romance of the mountain and the sea” series is currently Hicreate’s hot original board game products.

Among them, “Spirit Stone War” is the first product of this series, but also the company’s original category of the most popular tabletop games.

From the game storyline to the character design on the map and the game, they were all independently developed and designed by Hicreate. The game embodied the original designers and all of Hicreeaters creation and love for board games, the relentless development and exploration of the industry is Hicreate’s opportunity and turning point of a contract company of production to an original design company.

Founded in 2015, Hicreate has accumulated many years of board game research, development and design experience on the international platform to undertake processing business, realizing the dream of creative realization and custom production for many customers around the world.

A business that dreams will never be content to be flat, let alone stand still. In the process of realizing dreams, enterprises not only need to have continuous power of development, but also are inseparable from continuous breakthrough and transformation. Hicreate’s dream is to have the strength to create its own original board game, and become the benchmark brand of original board game design and production, as well as the weathervane of the game industry. of society.

In order to realize the dream of the company and promote the transformation of the company from manufacturing to independent design, Hicreate set up an original design team by the name of “Hicreate Board Game Club” to start facing the domestic market and actively research the industry. . Hicreate is determined to create a well-known original board game brand at home and abroad, based on the use of board game, it is adhered to build a new social model, assume the mission of spreading excellent culture and promote more original products with Chinese cultural characteristics and ideas using inexhaustible creativity and professional technology, and “Spiritual Stone War of Mountain and Sea Romance” was born with such dreams and expectations.

Initially, Hicreate’s encounter with “Romance of the Mountain and the Sea” came from a creative collision with domestic animation IP “Huangu Yunjie.” The fantasy of the sea and the mountains brought us continuous inspiration, and the image and personality of the hero opened the door to the adventure world of board games. As a result, the original designers of Hicreate embarked on the adventure of creating “Romance of the Mountain and the Sea – the War of Spirit Stone” against the backdrop of the world of sea and mountains.

Time and again, building the worldview, the game mechanic is perfect; each time the evaluation of the game trials, the repair of BUGs, the digital adjustment, and each time the graphic design of the map, the modification of the appearance and the adaptation to the production process… At the final, “The War of Spirit Stone of Romance of the Mountain and the Sea” was released. It is an exploration with difficulties, a collision of inspiration, and the perseverance and tireless efforts of many developers from 0 to 1.

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