The board game aims to teach the legislative system


The crowd-funded game has been tested by lawmakers. It costs NT $ 1,500, but can be purchased at a reduced price using stimulus coupons

  • By Yang Chen-yu and Jonathan Chin / Journalist, with the editor

A legislative oversight group on Thursday unveiled a tabletop strategy game, No. 1 Zhongshang S Road: The Scene of A Bill, which simulates the activities of the Legislative Yuan.

The game puts players in the shoes of party whips, who must pass or block bills by rallying votes and taking advantage of the rules of the legislature, Citizen’s Congress Watch said.

The game was born at the University of Soochow’s Legislative Research Center to teach students about government, said Hwang Shiow-duan (黃秀 端), a member of Citizen’s Congress Watch who is also the dean of the School of Liberal Arts and of the social sciences of the university.

Photo: Liao Chen-huei, Taipei Times

Tabletop game designers helped the group develop the game, which was funded by donations and tested by lawmakers, she said.

Students should educate themselves about parliamentary rules if they want to be informed citizens, said Citizen’s Congress Watch director Tseng Chien-yuan (曾 建元), an adjunct associate professor of Hakka language and social studies at the University. national center.

Through the game, players learn about legislative procedures, which can help them judge the legality of actual parliamentary maneuvers and understand the value of persuasion and zealous advocacy in a democratic system, he said.

The set costs NT $ 1,500, but can be purchased at a reduced price with the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers, Tseng said, adding that schools should consider using it as a teaching aid.

New Power Party (NPP) lawmaker Chiu Hsien-chih (邱顯智) said he played an early version of the game against Citizen’s Congress Watch members in his office.

“I played the whip of a big party and learned what it was like to crush small parties,” he said, adding: “I think this game will help educate the public on the operation of the Legislative Yuan. “

Scenes of chaos in the Legislature over the past few days have shown that Taiwan’s democracy still has a long way to go, he said.

“This general tween session was so loud that I couldn’t even hear myself speak; six minutes in the middle of a speech, my microphone just disappeared, ”he said in reference to a Tuesday legislative session that turned into a shouting match.

Citizen’s Congress Watch works hard in its role, and the game is a creative idea for educating the public, said Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker Chang Liao Wan-chien (å¼µ 廖萬堅).

Many young people interested in politics have been disappointed by the media’s selective use of denunciations, he said.

The game could help people learn that creating a functioning legislative culture takes the work of generations, he said, adding: “People should not give up hope when things are not as they should be. ‘to be.”

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