The best of the best, clothing, plushies and more

The Riot Game Store has a bunch of goodies available for fans of League of Legends, Wild Rift, Valorant and more.

With such a huge fan base, it makes sense that their merchandise store is just as big. From clothing to jewelry, stuffed animals and figurines, everything you want will be available in the shop.

But with such a range of items to choose from, what are the best picks in the store and how much do they cost?

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Official Riot Apparel

Riot recently released their Wave 03 collection based on their hit first-person shooter, Valorant. The collection is a basic clothing set for Valorant fans that includes t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and even noragi.

The noragi jacket is the most unique piece and is a must-have for those who love Asian-style clothing. Plus, for those who have a bad 24/7 hair day, there are some great baseball caps out there.

Riot Plushies

Riot is known for creating some extremely cute League of Legends champions. Gnar, Yuumi, Nunu and Willump are all champions who honor us with their kindness.

However, on the other hand? Serious champions like Darius, Thresh, and Renekton bring a fear factor to the game like no other. But can a scary champion also be cute?

Well, with Riot’s latest plush, Renekton blurs the lines between cute and creepy. The plush was recently moved to the store and shows just how extremely cute these fearsome champions can be too!

Best Action Figures

The detail of the official Riot figures is something brilliant. Hitting a range of Riot characters from Phoenix to Ornn to Sona, the odds of finding your main character are high.

There are two categories for these figurines. One is called a figurine and looks like a chibi version of champions and the other is a more realistic statue. Plus, both are incredibly detailed and a brilliant collectible for Riot fans.

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