The best livestream and podcast campaigns still running in 2022

Dungeons & Dragons is more popular than ever, leading to an increase in the number of new podcasts and live streams for fans to enjoy. Over time, some have ended or been discontinued, leaving new fans wondering where to start to find up-to-date streams and podcasts. Several streams stand out among the many offered, which is a good starting point for those looking for something fun and new.

There are so many ways for fans to enjoy the table J&D online, and as technology has improved, the game has moved beyond its pen and paper roots. Players from all over the world can come together to play at sites such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. But streaming games for others to enjoy has also grown in popularity, resulting in fantastic J&D shows that give even those who don’t have a dedicated gaming group the chance to enjoy this J&D has to offer.


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With so many ways to engage with J&D content, a lot more people started playing. But everyone’s game is unique to them, and their friends and J&D streams and podcasts offer insight into how other people are playing the game. Here are some of the best campaigns for J&D players to enjoy.

The critical role is the Quintessential D&D livestream campaign

Critical Role Foundation Group Photo

It would be impossible to talk about it J&D livestreams and podcasts without talking about it critical role. Considered by many now to be the Prime Minister J&D Pin up, critical role started life as a home game with friends. Having started on Geek & Miscellaneous in 2015, critical role has since started his own business branching out into books, comics, and even an animated series.

Located in the homebrew world of Exandria, critical role is currently in its third campaign, which debuted on October 21, 2021. The cast consists of talented and well-known voice actors such as Laura Bailey, Liam O’Brien and Ashley Johnson, making for a truly fantastic role play . Critical roles episodes are longer, ranging from three to five hours, but when you watch the band, time flies with lots of jokes alongside tense and dramatic moments.

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critical role streams J&D with Matt Mercer every Thursday at 7 p.m. (PST) on Twitch, with VODs immediately available on Twitch for subscribers. Episodes are uploaded to YouTube the following Monday along with podcasts and then available the Thursday after the episode airs. The cast’s current group of misfits don’t yet have a party name, but J&D fans have come to love them for their genuine passion for the game.

High Rollers is a Homebrew D&D livestream created by Mark Hulmes

big players is a long duration J&D campaign set in the homebrew world of Aerois. The cast is hilarious, led by Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes, with some fantastic role-playing moments throughout the campaign’s four years. Sometimes called the “British version of critical role“, that makes big players bad service, because the show is excellent in itself without comparison. big players is packed with vibrant characters and is humorous and heartwarming in equal measure. the J&D Party’s story is helpfully broken down into chapters, making it easy for new people to join and helps long-term viewers follow along. Aerois streams every Sunday at 5 p.m. (GMT) on Twitch, and the first part of the podcast is released on Mondays. Part two goes up on Spotify on Thursdays and the episode on Youtube.

Dimension 20 is a D&D Livestream creative powerhouse

Rating 20 had many different J&D shows, all of which can be found on his YouTube channel and Spotify. Past campaigns include Fantasy High, 20’s size first campaign set in a high school, and Escape From the Bloodkeep, a short campaign where actors played evil characters. Dungeon Master Brennan Lee Mulligan does a brilliant job of balancing comedy, emotional drama, and casting shenanigans.

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What Rating 20 does its best to combine gripping stories with humor and fantastic actors. Rating 20 streams their live tabletop RPG games to watch on Dropout every Wednesday and just launched a new campaign, A Starstruck Odyssey, on January 25th. J&D fans who play by the rules might find Rating 20 harder to adjust as the show prioritizes fun over rules every time.

Rivals Of Waterdeep spins its D&D DM for maximum fun

Waterdeep Rivals started life as part of Stream of many eyes event in 2018. Since their formation, the cast has changed a few times, but the Rivals are still going strong. The cast is full of players and comedians, all people of color from Chicago. The group rotates the role of Dungeon Master through the cast, each bringing a unique favor to their time behind the screen. Waterdeep Rivals campaign is based in the Forgotten Realms and spread their J&D match on Twitch every Sunday at 12 p.m. (CST), with their final season beginning February 6. They host their podcasts on the Waterdeep Rivals site and upload episodes on Tuesday to YouTube. Rivals of Waterdeep is wonderfully funny, smart and a great example of J&D community at its best.

Not Another D&D Podcast Is Just That

The fantastic name Not Another D&D Podcast is a wonderfully funny show filled with a cast of writers and comedians. The show is a mix of action and comedy, and J&D fans will appreciate the brilliant storytelling with surprisingly moving moments. With episodes averaging an hour and a half long, the show is accessible to new listeners.

Not Another D&D Podcast stands out among the many offers because it often feels like just listening to a community of friends play J&D, which facilitates attraction and attachment to the cast and characters. Dungeon Master Brian Murphy is joined by Jake Hurwitz, Emily Axford, and Caldwell Tanner, and the cast kicked off the third campaign on January 13, 2022. New Episodes of Not Another D&D Podcast release on Fridays and are available on Spotify, along with all previous episodes.

The Dungeons and Dads Podcast Takes D&D to Dad Land

Dungeons and Dads may sound like a BDSM podcast, but it’s actually a brilliant J&D Pin up. The original campaign was about a group of dads from our world who have been dragged into another dimension and their adventures to save their children. The show works so well that it requires no prior knowledge of J&D to enjoy as listeners experience this fantastical new world alongside the characters. This makes Dungeons and Dads perfect for J&D beginners to start.

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New episodes of Dungeons and Dads air every other Tuesday on Spotify, and the cast has just begun season two. In this new campaign, which began on January 25, the grandchildren of the original dads embark on a quest to save their dads. Dungeons and Dads is ideal for people who want laugh-out-loud moments; there are so many dad jokes alongside genuinely moving story beats.

Roll Together is a lesser-known D&D livestream gem

the ride together team is another UK based band and is one of the smaller streams mentioned here. The funny and talented cast stream TTRPGs on Twitch every Monday and Tuesday at 6 p.m. (GMT) and host a chat on Fridays also at 6 p.m. (GMT). ride together offers a healthy mix of long campaigns, short campaigns, as well as fun J&D one shots. Because of this diversity, people are sure to find something to their liking as the games played often span a variety of genres. J&D streams are available immediately on YouTube and as podcasts on various platforms.

There are many others J&D shows that haven’t been mentioned here, but these live streams and podcasts stand out for their quality and storytelling. There’s never been more choice for J&D fans looking for shows to listen to or watch. J&D podcasts and live streams are a good way for newcomers Dungeons & Dragons to get an idea of ​​how the game really works.

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