The best games that use a hex grid

The hex grid is an extremely popular mechanic for tabletop wargaming. It provides additional directions (six) over a traditional square, severely limiting gameplay in more complex games. The only downside to a hex grid board game is the time it takes to set up and clean up, which some say is part of the experience.

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Developers now use hexagonal grids for digital video games. These games range from faithful adaptations of cult classics to all-new creations. These games often have extra features and full animations and bring your favorite game to life. These are the ten best hex grid games to play solo or with friends, and require no setup or cleanup like their physical siblings.


ten Curious expedition

Curious Expedition is a hybrid game containing exploration, roguelike, turn-based, and survival elements. The game is heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons hexcrawls and uses pixel graphics, giving it a retro feel.

You play as famous characters throughout history to explore the uncharted lands of Earth. You will need to manage your explorers and their resources to survive the expeditions. This game requires a lot of planning, and failures on one expedition can hamper your progress on the next. The game is procedurally generated, so no two games will be the same, which will increase the replay value.

9 Before leaving

Before We Leave is a city building game with the sole purpose of taking care of your Peeps. The Peeps are those who spent time underground and finally decided to emerge. The unique aspect of Before We Leave is that it contains no violence and does not require you to fight other factions to achieve victory. This game is all about building your city and making your people successful.

The game features cute graphics and a fun soundtrack, and it’s a game you can get lost in for hours without wanting to break your keyboard due to frustrating mechanics – unlike some games on this list!

8 Terraform Mars

Terraforming Mars is another faithful adaptation of an extremely popular board game. Jacob Fryxelius, the author of the original board game, participated in the development of this version with Asmodee Digital.

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Take on the role of a corporation whose goal is to turn Mars into a habitable planet, before other corporations succeed. The digital version features a single-player challenge mode, where you must terraform Mars before Gen 14 is successfully completed. There is also a draft mode, which adds new rules to the base game.

seven Armello

Armello is a hybrid board game, card game and turn-based tabletop RPG game. Take control of one of the many available champions aiming to conquer the throne in a fairy tale world. The game’s art assets, music, and character design make it feel like you’re battling in a world pulled straight from your favorite fairy tale universe.

Armello has had lots of fixes and new content added over the years so you will have a lot of fun playing this game. It also supports multiple platforms for multiplayer which means you can play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

6 Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2 is a World War II turn-based strategy game. You can embody all the major powers that participated in the second great war. Over 1000 different units in the game are very realistic compared to their real counterparts.

Panzer Corps 2 also offers more than 60 scenarios in the campaign and four scenarios for the multiplayer mode. Once you’ve completed all the scenarios, there’s a powerful editor that lets you create and share your content for even more fun.

5 dark haven

Gloomhaven is a faithful adaptation of the award-winning turn-based dungeon crawler and features an expansive campaign, 17 mercenaries, and over 1,000 different abilities. You will take control of two to four mercenaries using your deck of ability cards, to explore the world around the town of Gloomhaven.

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There is additional paid DLC which adds another campaign and additional content. It is recommended to purchase this DLC after completing the second base game scenario. It features online single player and cooperative modes, and can be played by up to four players.

4 King’s Bounty: Crossworlds

King’s Bounty: Crossworlds is a turn-based strategy RPG. It is a standalone expansion for King’s Bounty: Armored Princess. This expansion includes an improved version of Armored Princess, as well as new campaigns, creatures, items, questions, abilities, and spells.

It also features a new game editor that lets you create new content for the game. This entry is the sequel to King’s Bounty: The Legend. In it, you play as Princess Amélie, who travels through Teana in search of the famous knight Bill Gilbert.

3 False: digital edition

This digital recreation of the best-selling board game is an official adaptation. He does a fantastic job of bringing the world he created to life. It is set in an alternate history during 1920s Europe.

Your objective is to achieve victory for your people over the other factions, through classic 4X gameplay (explore, develop, exploit and exterminate). The base game includes five factions, five specialties, and three AI levels. Additional paid DLC adds more content to the base game. The game offers the option to play solo, online PvP, or split/split-screen PvP.

2 Opus Magnum

Opus Magnum is a hex grid puzzle game from Zachtronics. They are perhaps best known for Shenzhen I/O, Infinifactory, and SpaceChem. You play as Anataeus Vaya, who has just accepted the position of Head Alchemist of House Van Tassen.

Using the Transmutation Engine, you’ll solve open-ended puzzles to uncover the story of the house’s dark past. The game also features a multiplayer mode, Steam Workshop integration, and a GIF exporter to show off your solutions to the game’s puzzles. Opus Magnum also features a fun solitaire mini-game using the game’s core mechanics.

1 The Civilization of Sid Meier V

Civilization V is the most beloved entry in the series to date. You play as a chosen civilization, from its beginnings as tribes to the advanced civilizations of the space age. As you advance your civilization, other AI civilizations will do the same.

The game has five victory conditions in total, and it’s up to you which one you want to pursue. You can ally with other civilizations or go to war, depending on your playstyle. This is the first entry that introduces the hex-based grid, which creates fun combat and city-building strategies.

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