The 10 new cars and auto shops, explained


Grand Theft Auto Online just received its next big update in the form of the Los Santos Tuners extension. In this guide, we’ll walk through the basics of the latest patch, including its new cars and races, as well as how to buy your own auto shop.

How to start the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Update

All players need to do is load the game with the latest update installed to start with the new content. After a few minutes of walking around Los Santos, you’ll receive a text from a woman named Mimi telling you to head to LS Car Meet in Cypress Flats for some quick and furious action. The location is marked with an “LS” icon on your map.

When you get there, you’ll need to purchase a subscription from Mimi, which costs $ 50,000. If you want to experience most of the new DLC, this is your minimum entry fee. Once you pay for it, you will be able to participate in specialized races from the race organizer, indicated by a wavy silhouette on your map. You can also use the test track, a large open space designed for testing cars. You can also drive Test Ride cars for free.

You can also see a nice car in the center of Car Meet. This is the specialized race won by completing the Prize Ride Challenge. Access it by opening your interaction menu, selecting LS Car Meet, then choosing Prize Ride Challenge.

There are other extras like an exclusive clothing store and tattoo parlor, and these offer cosmetics that can be purchased and earned by improving your reputation. Reputation is earned by interacting with the new DLC. This could mean spending time in the Car Meet, shopping, or doing other special tasks related to auto shops. There are 1,000 reputation tuner levels, so get ready to grind!

GTA Online Tuners update list of new cars

Once you’ve taken a look at the DLC basics, you might also be curious about the new cars. The update currently includes 10 new cars split between Legendary Motorsports and Southern San Andreas Super Autos. To see the full selection, open your phone’s internet browser to access their respective websites.

You will notice that each car has a Buy It Now price. This is unlocked instantly and is a bit pricey. The trade-in price, however, is lower and can be unlocked by upgrading your reputation. Here is the complete list of new cars and their prices.

Legendary Motorsports

Jester RR: Sale Price $ 1,477,500 / Buy Now $ 1,970,000

The Jester RR in GTA Online.rock star games

ZR350: Sale Price $ 1,111,250 / Buy Now $ 1,615,000

The ZR350 in GTA Online.rock star games

Euros: Sale price $ 1,350,000 / Buy now $ 1,800,000

Euros in GTA Online.rock star games

Tailgater S: Sale Price $ 1,121,250 / Buy Now $ 1,495,000

The Tailgater S in GTA Online.rock star games

Super Autos South of San Andreas

Vapid Dominator GTT: Sale Price $ 915,000 / Buy Now $ 1,220,000

The Vapid Dominator in GTA Online.rock star games

Karin Futo GTX: Sale Price $ 1,192,500 / Buy Now $ 1,590,000

The Karin Futo GTX in GTA Online.rock star games

Annis Remus: Trade Price $ 1,027,500 / Buy Now $ 1,370,000

Annis Remus in GTA Online.rock star games

Karin Calico GTF: Sale Price $ 1,496,250 / Buy Now $ 1,995,000

The Karin Calico in GTA Online.rock star games

Vulcar Warrener HKR: Sale Price $ 945,000 / Buy Now $ 1,260,000

The Vulcar Warrener HKR in GTA Online.rock star games

Dinka RT3000: Sale Price $ 1,286,250 / Buy Now $ 1,715,000

The RT3000 in GTA Online.rock star games

How to buy an auto garage in GTA Online

One of the other major features of the Tuners Update is the ability to purchase your own auto store. To do this, open your phone, select “money and services”, then “mazebankforeclosures”. You will see the ability to filter five auto stores in various locations.

  • Mesa: $ 1,920,000
  • Rancho: $ 1,750,000
  • Strawberry: $ 1,705,000
  • Mission line: $ 1,670,000
  • Burton: $ 1,830,000

These are just the base prices for each building. Fees are drastically increased by adding style, color, emblem customizations, and even hiring staff. In the Extras menu it is possible to add personal quarters and car lifts if you wish.

Once you’ve purchased an auto store, you unlock your customizations by completing a job board starter mission. Once this task is completed, you can accumulate money and reputation by customizing cars for your customers.

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