The 10 Best Space Battle Board Games, Ranked

Tabletop players around the world relish the prospect of shooting down their friend’s spaceship in an out-of-this-world battle. Space combat is a common subgenre of sci-fi games where players use their armadas to battle in the depths of space or on an alien planet in a distant galaxy.

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While some games require players to control unique ships to achieve this, other games give players control of an entire fleet to command and direct. Several space battle games have been released over the years and more are expected to be released in the future. Sometimes the game is simple and quick, other times it’s an all day affair.

ten The speed of light simplifies space combat in a unique way

Light Speed ​​board game components in the box

In Speed ​​of light, players control ships represented by tokens that they turn over and throw on the table. Each ship token provides lines, dictating the direction the ship is shooting. Each ship also has health, shields and more. The game is played in real time, which means that all players try to act faster than their opponents. Players draw lines from their ship’s firing path to see if it hits the opponent’s ships. If so, they damage ships and the carnage continues. The game is frenetic, it’s a little silly, but above all, it’s fun.

9 Starship Samurai combines diplomacy and Gundam

Starship Samurai Board Game Now Playing

samurai ship offers players the chance to enter a unique world where they control fleets of spaceships and giant robot suits. In the game, players will use tokens and cards to determine how many cards they draw, how many cards they play, how they move their ships, and more.

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samurai ship comes to life when players control one of the beautifully sculpted robot miniatures. These miniatures have powerful abilities and effects that players will use in the best possible way to end the game with a victory.

8 Flipships is Space Invaders flipped on its head

Flipships board game components in the box

Flipships is best described as a dexterity board game version of the classic arcade game space invaders. Each round, players use their ships by placing them on the edge of the table and flipping them over, attempting to land them on an enemy ship coming from above. Flipships offers special ship powers, a giant mothership target, and more. It’s also a cooperative game, which is rare in the skill game genre. Flipships is pure fun and craziness, making it a favorite among many gamers.

seven Dune is a classic game based on the novel

Dune the tabletop board game

Dunes is a popular franchise that many readers and moviegoers enjoy. The novel has spawned multiple adaptations, with the most recent hitting theaters in 2021. Dunes, the board game, adapts the novel in a new way, bringing history and political intrigue to the table. The game was originally released before any film adaptation in 1979 to much fanfare throughout the gaming hobby. In 2019, Dunes has been revamped, streamlined, and improved for modern gaming audiences. Dunes is now considered one of the most immersive and themed gaming experiences.

6 Star Wars: X-Wing lets players become pilots

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Board Game Now Playing

In Star Wars: X-Wingplayers control different fighter ships, from X-Wings to TIE Fighters, each with unique control dials, special abilities, and crew opportunities. The game is highly expandable with many ships and expansions available to players. X-wing transports players to the dogfighting world of Star Wars’ the fiercest battles as players outsmart, brainstorm, and overcome their opponents. X-wing takes up a lot of space but little time, delivering a fast and punchy spaceship combat experience for fans of the beloved franchise.

5 Dune: Imperium is a modern take on the franchise

Dune Imperium board game components in the box

Dune: Imperium allows players to explore the world of Dunes in a unique way by placing workers to perform actions and build their decks throughout the game. In the game, players compete to be the first to get 10 points by controlling spices, winning conflicts and by gaining influence.

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2021 fans Dunes film found the game to be a fantastic adaptation of the source material, delivering an engaging and deep experience that stays true to the theme. DunesThe components of have received some criticism, but there is an upgrade kit available that really brings the game to life.

4 Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit is the Best Thing About Episode I

Star Wars The Queens Gambit Board Game Setup and Ready to Play

Many board games have been created with the star wars theme, but they rarely focus on a single movie, let alone a specific scene. Star Wars: The Queen’s Bet is based on the climax of Episode I: The Phantom Menace where four battles take place simultaneously. Each player assumes the role of either the light side or the dark side as they attempt to take out the other’s armies. The game features three distinct game boards, lightsaber duels, warring armies, and a 3D queen’s palace.

3 The cosmic encounter is negotiation and betrayal

Cosmic Encounter Ready-to-Play Board Game Setup

Cosmic Encounter has been a popular board game since its first release in 1977. The game has gone through many changes and edits since then, but the basic idea has remained intact. In his heart, Cosmic Encounter is a trading game with opponents while using crazy alien powers. Each player can play as an alien race that will act very differently from others at the table. At first, the game seems extremely unbalanced, but players soon realize that this is done intentionally as it adds a ton to the negotiation. Cosmic Encounter remained popular for decades for a reason.

2 Star Wars: Rebellion is Star Wars in a box

Star Wars Rebellion Board Game Now Playing

In Star Wars: Rebellion, players will play either as a Rebel player or as an Empire player. Each player controls tons of different ships, units, and characters, all with their own special rules. The game is very asymmetrical, as each player can generally do similar things but can also do many unique things and each side even has completely different goals.

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The rebels have a secret base that the Empire is trying to find while the Empire has a special phase just for them. Star Wars: Rebellion is a vast and lengthy experience, but it’s one that many players enjoy.

1 Twilight Imperium is a one-day space battle

Twilight Imperium Board Game Now Playing

Twilight Imperium is a legendary game in the hobby. The game has been around for over 20 years and is now in its fourth edition. Players will take on the role of different alien races, all with special abilities, ships, technologies and tactics. Twilight Imperium takes a long time to play, ranging from 4 to 10 hours, depending on the number of players and their gaming experience. Whenever players enjoy Twilight Imperiumthey get a new experience that they have never had before as the game offers many different paths to victory and many different strategies to try.

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