The 10 Best Racing Board Games, Ranked

Table games have all kinds of different themes. Certain themes are often used, such as fantasy or science fiction. Many gamers find racing to be one of the most underused themes. Only a few racing games are released each year out of the thousands of board games released.

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Some of the racing games that are coming out are gaining popularity, but many of them are falling through the cracks and gamers feel they are not getting the love they deserve. Racing games can be anything from a hare racing a turtle to pirates on the high seas.

ten Ave Caesar is a chariot race in a Roman Colosseum

Hail Caesar Board Game Chariots Racing

Players who love ancient Rome and racing themes were very excited when Hail Caesar was released in 1989. The game features beautiful plastic tanks, coins, and different boards depending on the number of players. Many gamers consider the game to be ahead of its time, as it took into account some things that other games of the time seemed to ignore. The game offers a quick rush of adrenaline and fun as players race around the Colosseum, slash each other, and race to victory.

9 Long Shot is a horse race in a box

Long Shot Board Game Box and Components

In some racing games, the players do not control the racers themselves. Rather, they are spectators to the race, betting on the winner and supporting it. Long shot takes all the excitement of horse racing betting and distills it into something manageable for the table.

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There are plenty of tense moments to be had in the game as players can win more money by placing bets on horses with less chance of winning. Long shot is a rollercoaster of emotions as players experience elation and disappointment as they watch their favorite horse succeed or fail.

8 Hare & Tortoise is a classic for a reason

Components of hare and turtle board game on table

Hare & Tortoise was originally released in 1973 and still has many fans today. The game is legendary in the hobby, being the first game to win the coveted German Spiel Des Jahres award. In Hare & Tortoise, players save carrots to spend and advance on the board. The more carrots a player spends, the further he will go. However, it’s not always a good idea to move far, as a player who moves in small jumps might be able to pick up things along the way that give them the win.

seven Snow Tails is dog sledding racing with a twist

Snow Tails board game components in the box on the table

snow tails looks like a fairly simple game on the surface. However, the game is much more tactical than it seems. In snow tails, players take on the role of racers who are on a sled pulled by dogs. The game uses a map system that shows how far a runner travels and how far left or right they drift. Running into obstacles or running too quickly around a bend in the track can cause damage that limits the size of a player’s hand. There are other elements, such as speed boosts and trees, which make snow tails a highly tactical racing experience.

6 RoboRally is a race with robots

RoboRally board game setup and ready to play

Robo Rally is a classic game with a very interesting story. The designer, Richard Garfield, originally pitched the game to Wizards of the Coast, who said they would only release it if they first designed a small card game. Garfield designed the card game that ended up being Magic: The Gathering.

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Robo Rally is a programming racing game where players choose cards from their hands to place on their player boards and activate. The cards are simple moves such as forward, turn left, turn around, etc. Robots must reach checkpoints while avoiding hazards and other robots.

5 PitchCar allows players to film racing cars

PitchCar board game fully configured and ready to play

LocationCar is unique in the genre of racing games. Instead of playing cards or rolling dice to move, players roll their cars. Each car is represented by a wooden disc that slides easily on the smooth racing track. On a player’s turn, they spin their race car around corners, on ramps, and through loops. LocationCar has many different sets that offer new ways to customize the track, and the game can be played with huge numbers of players, making it a popular game at tabletop conventions.

4 Downforce combines racing and betting

Downforce board game played on tabletop car racing

In most racing games, players control a random racer as they attempt to finish the race in 1st place. Support allows players to have more freedom. In the game, players take turns playing cards to move cars along the track. In three key moments of the game, everyone at the table secretly places bets on which car they think will finish in 1st place. It can be their car or that of an opponent. Players earn points based on the car they bet on and their car’s position at the end of the game.

3 Jamaica do cape and sail

Jamaican board game played with pirates sailing

In Jamaica, players control a pirate ship racing around the seas. Each turn, a player rolls two dice and places them either on the day slot or the night slot on the board. Then players choose a card from their hand with an effectiveness determined by the dice. The cards offer actions like advancing, gaining gold, etc. When a player ends his movement in a space with another player, he must fight. The game is easy to learn and very popular among gamers which led the game to get a new edition in 2021.

2 Camel Up is a horse race with camels

Camel Up Board Game Now Playing

Many people are familiar with horse racing, where someone bets on a horse and hopes it will come first. Camel delivers that tabletop experience but with a major twist.

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The camels in the game can stack on top of each other and when a camel moves it takes all the camels on it for the ride. Camels at the top of a stack are considered ahead of camels below. This can lead to some amazing moments where the camels move in such a way that whoever was last is now first.

1 Formula D is made for racing fans

Formula D board game board and gearboxes for players

Formula D is a game that takes everything great about Formula 1 racing and puts it into a game that everyone can understand. In the game, players race around the track using gear shifting and dice. Each gear is tied to a specific die, so the lower the gear, the lower the numbers on the die. Players take turns changing gears and rolling dice, trying to avoid crashing into each other or destroying their car. The game also features advanced rules, weather, pit stops, street racing, and more.

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