The 10 Best Horror Board Games, Ranked

Table games have many different themes. They can be anything from epic sci-fi battles to exploring the Wild West as outlaws and marshals. For fans of all things spooky and spooky, there are plenty of horror-themed board games available. These games feature monsters, haunted mansions and of course sometimes zombies.

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Horror games have long been a popular genre of board games with more coming out every year. With the wide spectrum of horror, many game designers and publishers have found new and creative ways to put themselves in the shoes of a gamer. Some games are even created today for the sole purpose of scaring players.

ten Zombicide its battle chaos against zombies

Zombicide board game played on the table

Zombicide was one of the most successful board games on Kickstarter. It has raised millions of dollars from tons of gamers eager to dive into this zombie-infested world. In the game, players work together to battle the horde while using powerful items, weapons, and special abilities. The game was so popular that it became a whole series of games, sometimes attached to pop culture franchises such as evil Dead and even Marvel. Zombicide continues to be one of the hobby’s most popular game series.

9 Legendary Encounters: Alien forces players to battle xenomorphs

Legendary is a very popular series of deck building games that has been around for years. The game has had many different versions including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Trouble in Little China, and Marvel to name a few. The game released a Extraterrestrial-thematic release in 2014 which got a lot of attention from gamers at the time.

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Luckily, the game turned out to be an excellent and engaging game that perfectly simulates the feel of the movie. the Extraterrestrial version of the game was so well regarded that it also received expansions.

8 Elder Sign uses dice to explore a dark history

Elder Sign game components and box

In Ancient sign, players take on the role of investigators as they explore a museum with an underlying dread. Each turn, players choose a section of the museum to explore or monsters to fight to prevent the ancient from awakening and destroying the world. To do this, players roll and re-roll the dice to obtain symbols corresponding to the current objective. Powerful items, spells and more are to be discovered in the spooky museum. The game also has several expansions that change the game and give it a complete storyline.

7 Unfathomable brings the lie to the terrors of the sea

Unfathomable board game played on the table

Unfathomable is the long-awaited revival of a classic board game. In 2008, Fantasy Flying Games published Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game which received overwhelmingly positive reviews and has been highly rated since its release. Due to licensing and other behind-the-scenes reasons, the game was not reprinted for a very long time. However, in 2021 fantastic flight published Unfathomable, a reimagining of the classic game with a new horror theme. The game has received great reviews and many consider it a worthy alternative.

6 Arkham Horror: The Card Games is a living card game

Arkham Horror Card Game Components and Cards in Box

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is one of the hobby’s most popular games. In the game, players use cards to fight monsters and perform actions. The game offers many different settings for players to explore, all of which are weird and unsettling. The game can be long for players to grasp at first with all the available content, deck customizations and other game elements, but many players feel the learning hurdle is well worth the experience that the game must offer.

5 Fury Of Dracula Lets Players Hunt The Classic Vampire

Fury of Dracula board game played on the table

In Dracula’s Furya player will play the role Dracula while the other players attempt to track him down and destroy him before he completes his evil deed. In the game, players do not know where Dracula is unless they can reveal it.

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The controlling player Dracula secretly moves around the board, completing tasks and increasing his influence, without other players knowing how close he can be to them. Dracula’s Fury has been a popular game for many years, which has led it to be in its fourth edition.

4 Dead Of Winter Makes Players Suspect Each Other As They Survive A Zombie Invasion

Dead Of Winter Board Game Now Playing

In death of winter, players control characters who are all part of the same colony, trying to survive a zombie outbreak. However, one of the players at the table may be a traitor, which makes all players suspicious from the start. Each player must cooperate to hold off the horde of hungry zombies while fulfilling the winning condition and ensuring that the other survivors of the colony do not starve. Each player also has their own objective, which further increases the suspicion and tension in the room.

3 Nemesis is inspired by a sci-fi horror classic

Nemesis board game played on the table

Nemesis is inspired by the classic sci-fi horror film, Extraterrestrial. In the game, players must attempt to survive an alien-infested ship while keeping an eye on other players and their hidden agendas. The entire game plays out like a movie with ups and downs, intense moments and climactic endings. While some gamers think the game is a bit flimsy and may have a disappointing conclusion, many think it’s thrilling all the way, which led to it being one of the board games highest rated ever.

2 Eldritch Horror It’s Lovecraft Monsters Worldwide

Eldritch Horror board game played on the table

In Eldritch Horror, players travel the world as brave adventurers, searching for clues, battling evil monsters, and putting an end to the ancient’s evil plans. Unlike many other board games inspired by HP Lovecraft, Eldritch Horror does not take place in a spooky town, museum or mansion.

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Instead, the game takes place around the world where players take trains and ships to different continents and cities. The game comes to life through its encounter system which offers a lot of variety to players.

1 Mansions Of Madness Combines Technology And Horror Games

Mansions Of Madness Second Edition Board Game Components And Box

Mansions of Madness (first edition) was released in 2011. In the game, one player controlled all the monsters and dangers in the mansion while others took on the role of investigators, trying to rid him of evil. In Mansions of Madness (Second Edition), the game uses an application to control all monsters and events, replacing the need for this player. Now all players work together, adventure through scenarios, fight monsters, and investigate their surroundings. Gaming is highly regarded as one of the best uses of an app in a board game.

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