Tackle hair loss at the source with this revolutionary $15 pet grooming brush

The Seducte Pet Grooming Brush ($14.99) from Amazon.


My pet rabbit Atticus produces enough hair for 10 rabbits. Apparently every season is shedding season in our house, and it’s not uncommon to find clumps of fluff in just about any corner of my abode. To say that a shedding brush is a handy tool is an understatement – ​​a good brush that can tackle shedding at the source is an absolute lifesaver. Whether it’s a 2-pound rabbit or an 80-pound dog, pet owners know the battle with fur all too well. And parent to parent, this brush is the best $15 you can spend on Amazon.

pet grooming brush

Marked at $14.99 from its usual price of $49.99, the Seducte Pet Grooming Brush is designed to remove loose hair, tangles, dander, and trapped dirt. The dual-sided design has nine rounded tines on one end to tackle tangles and mats, and 17 tines on the other for thinning and shedding. Unlike most standard grooming brushes, this shedding tool effectively penetrates the undercoat, making it ideal for pets with multiple coats. And while the brush has plenty of power, it’s gentle enough that it won’t scratch or irritate skin.

While your pet will appreciate the free back, the brush is also designed with the owner in mind. The soft ergonomic handle has non-slip grips for comfortable brushing, and the stainless steel tines are easy to clean (and won’t rust!). The durable construction makes it a solid investment that will last for years.

To reap the benefits of the brush, first use the 9 tooth epilation side to remove stubborn mats and tangles one at a time with light, short strokes. Then use the 17-tooth stripping side to remove excess loose hair. When finished, your pet will be left with a shiny, healthy coat. Simply remove the lint from the brush and throw it away.

Take advantage of Amazon’s sale and save 70% on this game-changing grooming tool while the deal is running.

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