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When it comes to the ever-changing sands of the augmented reality space, you never know what week will end up being truly historic. Well, this one was one for the history books.

Not only has Facebook finally launched its forerunner AR smart glasses with Ray-Ban, but it turns out the courts agree with Epic Games that Apple has unfairly accused App Store developers of paying fees. students.

These are two major tectonic events in AR space for a few reasons detailed below, but this week we also got an incredible look at Apple’s next act via an immersive AR Easter Egg, and Snapchat just added. a feature that makes AR even more an integral part of his social experience.

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Apple launches augmented reality surprise for upcoming event

We always pretty much know when Apple events come up, but when their new product events pop up, they’re always a nice technical refresh from the Cupertino tech giant.

This time, the news of the Apple event is accompanied by a special gift, another beautiful invitation to augmented reality.

Read on to find out how the AR invite works and how you can put it in your own space a few days before the big Apple event …

Image via Apple

THE HURT REALITY: Vuzix CEO Paul Travers (member of NR30) will participate in a live “fireside chat” at the Citi 2021 Global Technology Conference on September 15. The conversation will start at 8:50 am ET and you can join in through the Vuzix website to see what the man behind the wearable AR company called Vuzix Blade has to say about the state of the AR industry.

Snapchat Adds Another Powerful Social Media AR Feature

The art of creating Snapchat lenses is really just the beginning of the augmented reality experience on the social media platform.

The real interactive fun begins when people start to use Lenses in a very personal way. One of those personal instances just got easier with the launch of Birthdays Mini.

Read on to find out how the new Snapchat addition works and why it’s important to the platform’s ongoing augmented reality development …

JOB ALERTS: The University of Texas at Austin is recruiting a program manager for its Texas Immersive Institute. Facebook is recruiting a Business Development Manager for Horizon, its VR social network. PTC is recruiting a Product Manager for augmented reality. The position starts at $ 125,000 and involves working with the Vuforia platform.

Facebook and Ray-Ban Smartglasses Stories take up the Snap glasses challenge

Just hours after an early leak via Twitter, Facebook and Ray-Ban officially released their new wearable collaboration.

As we have assumed, based on the leaked packaging, the device is called Stories.

Keep reading to find out how the new smart glasses work, what features are contained in the new device, how much does it cost, and in which countries it will be available to start …

THE HURT REALITY: Actor Joe Manganiello, best known for his roles in Real blood and the Spider Man film franchise, took to Twitter to announce its involvement in a new augmented reality tabletop gaming experience developed by Mirrorscape, a team made up of veterans from Hollywood and Silicon Valley. “The augmented reality table is here,” Manganiello said. “Full versions right in your pocket. Play locally or remotely. Mirrorscape’s ARcana puts the table back in the game.” The game will be partially funded via a Kickstarter which will be launched soon.

Apple suffers crippling legal blow that could benefit the mobile AR market

The fight to wrest app control from Apple’s revenue-driven grip has just taken a major turn in Epic Games’ favor.

On Friday, a court issued a permanent injunction against Apple that now allows developers to direct customers to external payment systems.

Read on to find out how and why this massive shift in Apple’s App Store ecosystem is completely changing the game of mobile augmented reality app …

Image by Erik Mclean / Unsplash

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