Summer interns give the training of student ambassadors a facelift


Trainees enjoy coffee and friendship. Courtesy | Caitie Dugan

Six interns spent their summer building a new training program for student ambassadors from the admissions department. The interns’ other duties included working in the main office and around campus, leading tours and building the department’s social media presence, as well as working on a large project each summer.

“The program is to create a refresher training for group visit day ambassadors, to be able to give these more personalized visits,” said Lilian Carville, deputy director of student employment and responsible for the internship program. “They need to really focus on being able to tell alumni stories, share relevant information, and then convey that information in an authentic, authentic and easy-to-remember way.”

Back in full swing after a slow year, the internship program offers students the opportunity to work for the admissions office while promoting the values ​​of Hillsdale.

“I really enjoyed working for college during the summer,” said Brennan Nokelby, “especially in a capacity where I can brag about a place I love so much.”

The training will allow Ambassadors to prepare for personal conversations and unique connections in private.

“It’s a lot less about selling the college and more about being honest about how things are really going here,” Nokelby said. “This is what will attract the most people and the right people to apply. “

A typical day for this year’s interns involved clerical work, leading summer campus tours, social media marketing, and developing the training program.

While the campus is quite different in the summer, interns said they found plenty of ways to enjoy their free time after work. A typical evening included trips to the udder side or evenings of board games.

“Being on campus all summer has really helped us understand why we love Hillsdale and it’s a really cool part of embracing the mission,” said sophomore Caitie Dugan. “It connects you more deeply with the college, campus and community, which isn’t always possible during the school year. “

Another important aspect for Dugan was the friendships she formed during the program. The six interns were involved in a variety of different majors and extracurriculars, but came together to form a team.

“We didn’t really know each other as a collective group and now I like spending time with them all,” she said.

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