Stray: Every Badge Location (and What They Do)

Stray has six badges to collect throughout the game by completing specific side quests or progressing through the main story, and the set unlocks a trophy.

There are six badges to collect Wander, and each can be obtained by progressing through the main story or completing certain side missions. Finding the Music Badge, Plant Badge, Alien Badge, Cat Badge, Neco Badge, and Police Badge will unlock a trophy. Although collecting all six badges unlocks the trophy, there are no gameplay changes. However, collecting them will allow players to take the cat on fun side quests and adventures.

Some of the badges are obtained by completing a collectible side quest, so the chat will need to find sets of items around the central areas. For example, the Music Badge can be obtained by collecting pieces of sheet music in Wander. Slums, Antvillage, and Midtown are the three core areas that players can visit in order to collect all six badges.


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In addition to unlocking one of the trophies of Wander, collecting all six badges will provide more opportunities to customize the appearance of the chat. Each badge can be added to the cat’s jacket for a more personalized appearance. There aren’t many customization options, but badges are one way to switch things up. There are also other opportunities to find different jackets or hats for the cat to wear during quests and throughout the game.

How to Get the Music Badge in Stray

Stray Cat With Music Sheet Collectible Musician

There are eight sheet music to find in The Slums, and they must be given to Morusque, the robot holding a guitar. One of the sheet music must be purchased from Azooz as a barter item in The Slums in Wander. The rest of the music sheets are in Elliot’s lineup, on Clementine’s bookshelf, outside Clementine’s apartment, in Momo’s bathroom, in Doc’s apartment, and locked in a safe. Once all eight have been collected, the cat can take them to Morusque to earn the Music Badge.

How to Get the Plant Badge in Stray

Misplace every flower location in Antvillage Purple Plant

The Plant Badge can be obtained by finding the yellow, red, and purple flowers in Antvillage and bringing them to Malo. The yellow plant can be found by using the bucket behind Malo to drop down to the lower level and onto the ledge where it is. The location of the purple plant in Wander‘s Antvillage is another lower level on a tree branch that the cat can climb on, and the red flower is on the ground. The cat can climb onto the bucket near the two robots playing a board game, then drop all the way down and jump through the barrels to reach the red plant. After returning to Malo, the cat can return all three plants to earn the Plant Badge.

How to Get the Outsider Badge in Stray

Stray cat visiting Elliot in Elliot's lineup

The Outsider badge will be earned in The Slums during Chapter Six. This badge cannot be missed as it will be awarded for progressing through the main story. In chapter six, there are a few items to collect in order to fix the tracker for the main quest. The cat in Wander must repair the broken tracker in order to help an NPC find his father. After repairing the tracker, the cat will receive the Outsider badge.

How to Get the Chat Badge in Stray

Misplace every badge location and what they do Midtown Safe

Near the center of the Midtown hub area at Wander, there is an electronics store that the cat can enter through the window. Inside the store there is a safe which can be opened using a code obtained from the poster behind the owner. On the back shelves, the cat can enter 8542 to open the safe. The Cat Badge will be awarded for unlocking the Midtown Vault.

How to Get the Neco Badge in Stray

Misplace Every Badge Slot and What They Do Lost Keys by Neco Worker

Inside the Neco Corp factory, the cat will meet an employee who has lost his keys and needs help finding them. Wander. In the area with the floating barrels, the keys can be found by going to the right. The lever in this section can be used to open a shortcut to the employee. The Neco badge will be awarded once the cat returns the keys to the Neco Corp factory worker.

How to Get the Police Badge in Stray

In Midtown, there’s an alley next to the clothing store that has graffiti and pipes the cat can use to climb. From the pipes, the cat can reach the wall above where the graffiti is painted, then it can enter a window that leads to a cell. There is a body inside which the cat can grab the police badge. A trophy will be unlocked after finding the final badge in Wanderand these collectibles can be used to customize the cat’s appearance.

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Wander is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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