Squid Game Halloween costumes already abound: how to get (or craft) them


Squid Game’s baffling red guard uniform could be a popular Halloween costume this year.

Youngkyu Park / Netflix

Netflix hit Squid game is disturbing in its bloody violence, but there’s no denying that the nine-episode show is shot beautifully. There’s the annoying Red Light robot girl, Green Light; pastel-candy-colored stairs in the building where the convicted candidates live; and, of course, the striking costumes: red for most of the guards, green for the contestants, and an impressive Darth Vader-style dark metal look for the mysterious Front Man.

And with Squid game on its way to becoming Netflix’s most popular non-English show – and possibly its most popular show of all time – it’s likely you’ll see these distinctive outfits at Halloween parties and events in late October.

“The Squid Game staff uniform will be the # 1 Halloween costume this year in Korea,” a viewer tweeted.

If you want to dress up as a Squid Game character, the good news is that the costumes aren’t complicated. You can certainly put your own together, and if you don’t have the time to do so, online stores are already selling completed versions.

Squid game participant costumes

Competitors mainly wear white T-shirts under green tracksuits with white trims. They are recognizable as Squid Game characters and not just joggers by a three-digit white number (between 001 and 456) on their back and on the left side of the front of the jackets, as well as on their shirts.


It shouldn’t be too difficult to dress like a Squid Game competitor.

Youngkyu Park / Netflix

It is not difficult to make this costume yourself. Google “green tracksuit” and off you go for the Red Light, Green Light races. Don’t forget the numbers – you can take fabric and make number patches that will last, or for an overnight party just cut the numbers out of paper and then glue, glue, or tape. pin them in the right places.

Choose your number carefully. Seong Gi-hun, the closest thing the series has to a hero, is # 456. Crafty Cho Sang-woo, the pride of his hometown, is # 218. The elderly Oh He- nam is # 001, disjointed North Korean. defector Kang Sae-byeok is number 067 and brutal gangster Jang Deok-su is number 101. For him, you will want your artist friend to draw a snake tattoo on your face.

And if you are going to a fellowship party and want to laugh easy, maybe you will choose # 069 the desperate, nameless husband who plays the deadly game with his wife – the dirty joke hidden in his number gets at least one wealthy patron to bet on him to win.

If you like props, a bag of marbles, used in one of the games, could be a fun addition. And don’t forget to stock up on fake blood and spread it out in various places, because none of the contestants come out unscathed.

You can purchase the costume if you don’t have time to put it together from various sources. The big costume makers won’t have time to put them up for sale, but cosplay and artist sites already have them.

SPCosplay is sell the tracksuit on Amazon for $ 48 (£ 35, AU $ 66). XOCostume has it for $ 66 (£ 48, AU $ 91). Warning: there are plenty of other sellers out there, but whatever you choose, you’ll want to check delivery dates – Halloween is approaching and some sites are shipping from Asia, making the delivery time longer. Also check if the costume is sold in Asian clothing sizes, which are smaller than US sizes.

Squid game guard costumes

Honestly, the guards dressed in red have cooler costumes than the competitors in the tracksuit. They wear red hooded jumpsuits with zippers on the front, with black belts. No numbers for them, but they wear scary black masks with a triangle, circle, or square on the front. And they carry big threatening weapons.


Squid Game guards wear different shapes on their masks, which they are told to never take off.

Youngkyu Park / Netflix

This costume is a bit trickier to make yourself, but it’s still very doable. Look for a red jumpsuit (although a tracksuit would do in a pinch, as long as it has a hood). Probably the best way to make the face mask is to acquire a fencing mask, but also some costume stores sell something they call a ghoul mask or an invisible man mask, a black fabric intended to completely hide your face. You can apply your own triangle or other shape quite easily with white tape.

If you are purchasing the full costume, the same caveats above apply – carefully review sizes and delivery dates. XOCostume sells Squid Game staff outfit for $ 56 (£ 41, AU $ 77), and Etsy sellers are also on the bandwagon – here is one for $ 50 (£ 36, AU $ 69).

Squid Game Front Man costume

The Front Man is the boss of the guards, although it turns out he also has his own bosses. Her costume is probably the coolest and most difficult to make yourself. He wears an unusual black mask with sharp angles, as well as a long black coat and gloves. The coat and gloves are fairly straightforward to buy (ideally the coat would have a hood), but putting together your own mask is more difficult.


The Front Man’s costume is much more stylish than that of the guards or competitors.

Youngkyu Park / Netflix

If you want to DIY the Front Man mask, there is patterns for 3D printers it looks pretty good. You can also purchase the finished mask. here is one on Etsy for $ 43 (£ 31, AU $ 59), and surely other artists will be making them soon.

Red light and green light squid game costume

One of the most original looks in the game is that of the giant robotic schoolgirl who runs the game Red Light, Green Light, the very first game in the series. There didn’t seem to be any finished outfits for sale online, but it’s easy to put together yourself. Just get a yellow shirt, cover it with an orange sweater, and tie your hair up in short ponytails or braids (or wear a wig). Then say creepily, “Red light! Green light!” and keep turning around quickly to people-watch. That is just about everything.

All nine episodes of Squid Game are now available on Netflix.


The Red Light, Green Light robot costume is quite easy to assemble.

Youngkyu Park / Netflix

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