Splatoon 3 demo: how to try out the Nintendo shooter

Soon, the Splatoon 3 demo will be available to the general public. Make sure you don’t sleep on the ink slinging action.

You may have heard the good news: Nintendo is offering the opportunity to try Splatoon 3 before its release. The latest entry in the psychedelic pigment-based third-person shooter series, Splatoon 3 is set to release on September 9th. It’s safe to say that fans are excited to see where the series goes next. Maybe, if we’re lucky, it will earn a spot on our list of the best Nintendo Switch games, supplanting its predecessor.

Luckily, it looks like we won’t have to wait until September to get our dose of Splatoon goodness. On August 27, a demo of Splatoon 3 will be available for free on the Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop. The test will be presented as a Splatfest World Premiere event. These fan-favorite multiplayer events were a staple of Splatoon 2 and are making a triumphant return in Splatoon 3. Read on and we’ll tell you how to get your hands on the demo and how to participate in Splatfest.

Splatoon 3 Demo Guide

Splatoon 3 Demo: How to Download

Splatoon 3 demo, Inklings and Octolings fight in Splatoon 3

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Once August 18 rolls around, the demo will be available to all Nintendo Switch users, and all you need to do is download the client. To do this, go to the Nintendo eShop (opens in a new tab) SEO. On this page you will see a link to the demo. Make sure you’re signed in using your Nintendo Account, though, otherwise you won’t be able to start the download.

On August 25, the tutorial will unlock, allowing you to get started with the basics of Splatoon 3. Once you’re confident in your inking skills, you’ll be ready to take on the special Splatfest event taking place on August 27. . .

Splatoon 3 Demo: What is Splatfest?

Two Inklings holding weapons in Splatoon 3

(Image credit: Nintendo)

On August 27, Nintendo will invite everyone to the world premiere of Splatoon 3: Splatfest. This event will allow you to participate in new Tricolor Turf War battles and try out a range of weapons, including the brand new Tri-Stringer. During the event, you will have the choice between three different teams: Rock, Paper and Scissors. Choose wisely. (Choose scissors, if you want to be cool.)

Although the demo can be downloaded from August 18, you won’t be able to access the tutorial until August 25. However, on August 27, Splatfest will begin in earnest. Starting at 9am in your local time zone, you can participate in Splatfest, which will be split into two parts. During the first half of the event, you’ll be able to engage in ink battle through the tried-and-tested four-on-four mode. However, during the second half, you can enjoy the new Tricolor Turf War mode. Three teams fight, one placed in the center of the map and the other two appearing on either side. Both parts of the event last 6 hours each, so be sure to make the most of your time with the game.

Although you need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to enjoy the event, you’ll be pleased to hear that the demo comes with a free code for a 7-day free trial of Nintendo Switch Online. You can even use this code if you have already taken advantage of a free trial. This means the event is open to any Nintendo Switch owner, so there’s no reason not to get in on the action.

Now you know exactly how to download the Splatoon 3 demo and what to expect from Splatfest. It’s time to lock, load and prepare for chaos. See you there in Splatsville.

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