Skate Summer is coming early in a new tabletop game

Pandasaurus Games has launched the Kickstarter for summer skating, a new board game that aims to prove who the best skater in town is. In summer skating (which is designed by Randy Reiman with artwork by Pape Ink), players will attempt to collect six tokens found at each corner of the game’s hexagonal board while scoring victory points along the way. Players begin their turn by laying out a series of towers on their individual player board (in the shape of a skateboard, of course). Each turn causes a balance token to move in a certain direction on a “balance track” along the board. Moving too far in one direction will cause the player to bail out, resulting in losing cards from their combo. Players must also factor in a balance die that is rolled for every trick they use in a single turn. Players use their trick combos to move around the board, while spending flame tokens to level up or collect SKATER tokens from the furthest corners of the map. As the game continues, players will unlock new abilities and special tricks as they get closer to being named the town’s Pro Skater.

Pandasaurus Games is best known as the publisher of Machi Koro and the world of dinosaurs game franchise. Although the Austin-based publisher produces a variety of games, it has a knack for delivering games that blend unique mechanics with dynamic, expressive art. In summer skating case, the game adds a unique wrinkle to the typical combo chaining mechanic by considering skateboard balance. A full digital rulebook for Skate Summer can be viewed here.

Backers will receive a physical copy for a $50 pledge, while the Special Edition (which includes miniatures of the game’s skaters) will cost $70. The Kickstarter for summer skating will remain open until February 12. As of press time, the Kickstarter has raised more than half of its $20,000 goal. You can check out the full Kickstarter here.

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