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** This article on the smart tabletop game Blinks is co-authored by Hannah Buczek of Bold TV.

Welcome to Show and Tell, where I unbox soft technology for all areas of your life. Have you ever thought about toys from your childhood? Some generations were satisfied with a bag of marbles or a tight fitting. Other generations have grown up with a different kind of game. Now some children have grown up on screens, seeing a world of entertainment possibilities. But Move38 thinks that “Toys are not just child’s play, but essential objects for thinking and navigating our complex world. So they created the smart Blinks tabletop game to help kids (or even adults) today play with more determination. Let’s unpack it!

How to play with Blinks

Blinks is a way to have fun without a screen. It uses IR LEDs to illuminate the game pieces and help them communicate with each other. These pentagons contain their own unique games and puzzles, and the base pack includes six pieces for endless fun. How it works? Choose the piece with the game of your choice, separate it and activate the game. Reconnect this piece to the others and it will snap into place with a magnet. From there, all other pieces will load the game from that original activated game piece. Now your Blinks system is on and ready to play for hours. You can even add expansion packs with more games and coins. No worries if you come across a particularly difficult puzzle or game; Move38 offers video tutorials.

Help people develop their creativity

The main goal of Blinks is to teach you to think with a focus on ‘systems’. What does it mean? And how can games teach you more than fun? Move38 says that “Systems thinkers don’t see the world for individual components, but rather the way they interact.” It is actually a STEM toy created to stretch the minds of people. And it goes beyond the players. Blinks is open source code, which means game developers can create their own unique games with the Blinks system. Behind the pleasure lies a mission: to help people exercise their creativity. Find out and become a systems thinker!

I’ll be back soon to unbox more tech, but until then check out previous videos here.

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