Screenshots show what the Steam store will look like on Steam Deck


New screenshots from Valve’s Steam Deck show what the Steam Store will look like on the next system.

Steam Store Deck

Valve’s portable gaming PC, the Steam bridge, has been in the headlines for a few months. With its portability and design, it quickly gained traction with gamers, with some even seeing it as a potential rival to the Nintendo Switch. Like many other popular consoles, it was a huge success, with the Steam Deck selling out in a matter of weeks. This is due to its ability to access a user’s entire Steam library, allowing plenty of games to be played on the go.

This has raised concerns about what can be played on the console and whether Valve’s new machine can access and run on the Steam storefront, so much so that Valve is hiring people to check out the Steam Deck game’s compatibility features. This is no small feat, as there are over 50,000 games on Steam, with more being added every day. However, Valve is not only looking to provide access to a user’s database of available games, but is also looking to add the Steam Storefront.

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This discovery was courtesy of Pavel Djundik, or @thexpaw on Twitter, a data miner and the creator of the ever popular SteamDB website. His work revealed some screenshots of how the Steam storefront and its user interface would be adjusted to fit the Steam Deck, the name also referred to as “tablet mode”. Presumably, this means that this mode is intended for a tablet UI, or that the Steam Deck can be rotated sideways to match the look of the UI in the screenshots.

The user interface itself is streamlined, where the game summary and important information is placed on the left, with purchase options or playable options on the right in a convenient bar. In the store section of the page, the games are listed on the left where players can open a separate bar on the right to filter the options they wanted. Finally, players can verify their Steam account through an option at the top of the bar, which can display other important information in a convenient way.

As Steam Deck’s release near the end of this year, fans have much to be excited about about it, and the console-accessible Steam Store is one of them. If a potential buyer wants to try and see what this user interface would look like, it can be accessed by setting their user agent to “Valve Steam Gamepad” and the browser window size should also be small.

The Steam bridge will be launched in December 2021.

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