Rochester, NH Candy Shop offers chocolate bunnies stuffed with Cheez-It

I’m here for weird food combinations! My husband often cringes at the weird snacks I make. I chopped up a bell pepper and dipped it in peanut butter. I put siracha in cottage cheese. I’ll stop giving you examples because I have the impression that you’re going to be nauseous. The fact is, DON’T HIT IT BEFORE YOU TRY IT!

A candy store in Rochester, New Hampshire called Glitter and smiles is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to its confections. Their motto seems to be “If you can dream it, you can dip it” because they’ve dipped just about anything you can imagine in chocolate.

Pringles :

Jerky beef:


You name it! Even chocolate covered peanut butter stuffed jalapeños:

Glitter and smiles via Facebook

Glitter and smiles via Facebook

Your first instinct might be to shout “WHY?!?!” at the top of your lungs. But I go back to my previous point: don’t hit it until you’ve tried it!

Recently, Sprinkle’s and Smiles posted about their latest creation and the internet was like, “Oh no, they didn’t!” Easter is fast approaching and you know what will really brighten up your little person’s basket? WAIT FOR IT…

a Cheez-It milk chocolate Easter bunny:

I know what you think. “If I shake that bunny, will I hear a bunch of Cheez-It floating in there?” That’s what I thought, but the bunny is actually solid. Cheez-Its are mixed with chocolate.

Cheez-Its are my all time favorite snack and I’m ALWAYS in for a sweet and salty combo so this bunny is perfect for me. Too bad I don’t celebrate Easter (I’ll probably buy one anyway)!

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