Rent Control, Inflation, and Happy Art – Orlando Sentinel

Joanie Schirm, founding chair of the GEC; Orlando 1994 World Cup Committee Chairman

Last week: PAUL AND JOANNE: I confess that I had a big childhood crush on Paul Newman and, on occasion, I wondered if it was possible to bring him back from the dead. In the just-released HBO Max documentary series directed by Ethan Hawke, “The Last Movie Stars,” about Paul and his award-winning actress wife, Joanne Woodward, Hawke proves it’s possible. Cameos from James Dean, Gore Vidal and Marlon Brando add to the miracle. Hawke’s creative storytelling blossoms from hours of sessions recorded in the 1980s by Newman and others who knew or worked with the pair for a proposed memoir; transcripts now read by famous actors. Film clips, home movies and more ignite the rugged embodiment.

Look forward: MONEY CORRUPTS POLITICS: When the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling gave businesses, nonprofits, unions and others the green light to pay unlimited money to political candidates, fundraising campaign funds exploded. Now I see how years of black money have negatively affected federal, state and local elections. On the national stage, Governor Ron DeSantis is simultaneously running for governor of Florida and presumably president in 2024, for which he has about $130 million in his PAC. His $13.44 million state campaign which also benefits Citizens United received $3.5 million in state matching funds, originally set up to reduce the influence of big money and help underfunded candidates. Repeal Citizens United and the state matching funds program.

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