Receiver Rafael Marchan is the team’s best commercial chip



With just over a month before the MLB trade deadline, the Philadelphia Phillies are in a pretty awkward position.

For a variety of reasons (lack of defense, poor bullpen, lackluster pitch, poor offense), the Phillies have been monumental in their first 70 games of the season. Despite sharing a four-game streak with the New York Mets this weekend, the team are still closer to last than first, and are dangerously close to being completely out of the race. when the trade deadline is approaching. .

However, despite being below .500, the Phillies led by Dave Dombrowski aren’t really in a position where they can go into “fire sell” mode. They have a ton of money tied up in centerpieces like Bryce Harper, Zack Wheeler, and JT Realmuto, and obviously trying to capitalize on those players’ athletic bonuses. While I can see Dombrowski parting ways with a few veterans when deals expire, the Phillies are in a position where they will likely want to add talent by this year’s deadline, or at least shuffle the tracks to better flesh out the roster.

Someone like Rhys Hoskins, for example, is not on an expiring deal but will likely be involved in trade talks due to his catastrophic first base defense and the likely need to move Alec Bohm from third to a close. to come up.

When it comes to potentially adding talent by this year’s deadline, the primary target should be players with several years of team control. The Phillies are obviously not in contention for a World Series this season, so it makes little sense to seek “rentals” on expiring contracts. 2022 and 2023 are going to be the years when Dombrowski is really going to try to win, so prioritizing the players who will actually be there at that time must be a must.

The only problem (as Bryce Harper himself pointed out in a recent post-game interview) is that the Philadelphia Phillies don’t have much to offer teams in terms of prospects. the the farming system is bare, the two best prospects (Mick Abel and Bryson Stott) being probably considered untouchable. Even RHP Francisco Morales, the team’s No.3-ranked prospect, could be off bounds due to the Phillies’ pressing need to pitch.

If the Philadelphia Phillies plan to be active in the trading market, wide receiver Rafael Marchan will likely be their biggest trading asset.

However, this is the team’s # 4 ranked prospect, Rafael Marchan, this might end up being their best business chip by the deadline (or even during the next offseason). Marchan has steadily climbed the Phillies prospect list in recent years, already has MLB experience under his belt and is only 22 years old. With Realmuto locked in a five-year extension that will take him until 2025, the Phillies don’t have an immediate place for Marchan as an everyday player.

Keeping Marchan to be the team’s backup receiver once Andrew Knapp is gone makes sense, but there’s an argument to be made that reserving your No.4 prospect for a bench role is a bit of a waste in the big one. scheme of things. If Dombrowski is able to knock down Marchan for someone who can play a more cohesive role (a starting pitcher, for example), one would have to assume that he would jump at the chance to do so.

The Philadelphia Phillies are obviously an incomplete ball club, and Dave Dombrowski is a man who enjoys big trades himself. If we follow the assumption that Abel and Stott are off bounds, then treating Marchan to some extent is probably the best way for the Phillis to land some sort of winning coin via the trading market.


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