Q + A with Duke Football: Jake Marwede



DURHAM – The voice of the blue devils, David shumate, sitting with senior redshirt Jake marwede for a short question-and-answer session.

DS: What if playing the Cavaliers brought out the best in you? You had your first catch against them and then the 55-yard touchdown a year ago. What about this game that keeps you going?
JM: Probably how much we’ve really tried to pursue them for the past couple of years and we haven’t been able to. Even though we go out there and try to do our best every game, it’s starting to hit us more and more, and we’ve got a chip on our shoulders. We are ready to deal with it this weekend.

DS: The statistics have burst for you in recent weeks. Where do you think your individual game is at mid-season?
JM: I’m just trying to do what I can. Whatever opportunities they present or wherever they think they can best use me. Whether it’s blocking more or catching more balls, I try to do what I can and what’s best for the team to create wins.

DS: You come from a family full of athletes. When you get together, who is more competitive? Who wins most often?
JM: It’s difficult. I would probably say me or my older sister, Hannah. It depends on the game. She has football. Spikeball is easy for me. Board games are a whole different game and a kind of tossup.

DS: When you’re not locked into football and academics here at Duke, what are your hobbies?
JM: Apart from football and lessons, I really enjoy fishing and going outside in general. I recently took up a hobby in woodworking. I have power tools at home and have used them safely to make nesting boxes and bird benches.

DS: What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?
JM: The biggest fish was actually a shark in Florida. When I was about 14, I caught an eight foot lemon shark off our pier. It’s the biggest I’ve caught.

DS: I always feel like the tight end position is one of the hardest positions to play. How do you balance everything while you’re on the pitch?
JM: Much of it is rehearsal and cinematic work. We talk to the linemen, especially the tackles, because we are usually more involved with him. Talk to him, communicate with him about every running game as well as pass protection. We have to make sure that we are also on the same page with the receivers. So having a good relationship with these two posts to make sure we’re all on the same page so that everything goes smoothly.


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