Pre-game blog: Steelers at Jaguars

The rotation : The Steelers will face the Jacksonville Jaguars tonight in their second preseason game, and Mitch Trubisky will start again.

But the rotation after that will change from a week ago.

No. 1 rookie pick Kenny Pickett will follow Trubisky in the rotation, with Mason Rudolph coming after Pickett.

“As far as quarterbacks go, we intend to play all three in this game,” coach Mike Tomlin said during his weekly press conference. “Mitch will start. Kenny will be next. And then Mason will finish.

“All three guys performed well. I really think the main focus and mentality about how we’ve structured it this week is that we just want to see Kenny in more college action. We know that. More on Mason Mitch has been around the professional game.

“And so, it’s a big week for (Kenny) in terms of maybe going into the first half of this game and I imagine having the opportunity to see Jacksonville’s front line defensemen.”

Tomlin said he likes the job the quarterbacks have done so far after four weeks of training camp and a preseason game, and again the focus this week is moving the ball, to make plays and to protect the ball.

“I’m thrilled that these guys are continuing to work, lead, play and take care of football, all things that we enjoy,” Tomlin said. “Whether it’s the formal components of the job or the informal components of the job, I’ve been really impressed with the band, and we’ll just continue to sort it out day by day. Obviously, in the stadiums, the performance is an important component of it.”

Unlike a week ago when some of the veteran starters, including TJ Watt and Cameron Heyward, didn’t play, Tomlin said it will be more inclusive this week with all healthy players expected to see some stock. One player he ruled out was rookie Calvin Austin III, who injured himself in practice last Friday.

“In terms of play, we’re casting a big net,” Tomlin said. “Anyone who is healthy so far needs to play. That’s the mentality you want the group to have. And that’s the approach we’re taking.

“It remains to be determined how much they play. We still have a day of work ahead of us here today. And so, you are always a bit cautious in this environment to make hardcore plans. Because things happened there a week ago We had some plans for Calvin Austin and Anthony Miller for example In a setting like this we lead to a game and by the time we got to the game they weren’t available.

“We have a tough plan, but we will stay light on our feet. Our mentality is inclusive, we want to see the work of all parties involved and obviously once we get into the game depending on how things go , we’ll make the appropriate adjustments on when we get people in and things of that nature but just excited about that and where we are in the process and what information we’re going to be able to gather from entering a new stadium.

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