PowerWash simulator: how to change gloves

The gloves will be on screen for most of the game. Having a nice looking pair enhances the whole experience. Slap some pretty ones!

For a game designed for relaxation like PowerWash Simulator, being able to control the aesthetic is a big deal. Start with the gloves, which will be on screen for nearly every second of game time. If those don’t feel quite right, the whole game just won’t do its mentality thing. of a player.

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Luckily, players have power over their character’s appearance PowerWash Simulator. The gloves themselves are the most important cosmetic selection. By following just two steps, it is possible to wear personally selected gloves in just a few seconds.


Buy a pair of gloves from the shop

  • Main menu > Shop > Clothes

There will be no gloves to equip besides the default yellow rubber gloves. And these are already equipped, so there is no sense in learning this process since players have purchased a set of gloves from the store.

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To get to the right place to buy, open the main menu and select the store. It’s the bright orange icon with the dollar shopping cart symbol. Next, select clothes and browse through the different options. Choose one that looks great and now is the time to use them.

Equip the new gloves

  • Equipment button > Clothing tab > Gloves button > Select Pair

Located at the bottom left of the screen is the button that opens the equipment menu. This is the same button players will use to switch pressure washers. However, instead of messing with the default tab, go right and select “Clothes”.

From there, two buttons will appear: “Outfit” and “Gloves”. Select “Gloves” and all purchased pairs will be here, choose them and get back to work!

PowerWash Simulator is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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