Popular board game is now crowdsourcing its own anime


The last couple of years have been crazy across the board, and board games have become an unexpected champion around this time. While many were locked away during the pandemic, board games have become entertainment and the industry is doing well in 2021. And now it turns out that a popular game is hoping to fund an animated film for its fans. .

The report comes from Madaraushi, a tabletop developer who made the game popular Mountains of Madness – Summit of the Evil Gods. The Japanese board game has developed a devoted following through its supernatural flair. And it turns out the company is funding resources to make a short film inspired by the game.

Depending on the campaign, the animated short will be around ten minutes long and help bring Mountains of madness to anime audience. From this point on, Madaraushi wants to develop some TV anime focused on the RPG title. At this point, the storyboards for the film are in progress and a script is being written. But as you can imagine, the crew is far from fleshed out.

For those curious about this game, Mountains of madness draws inspiration from the work of HP Lovecraft. The writer wrote a book To the mountains of madness years ago, and this script is freely adapted by Madaraushi. But to be clear, this Japanese game has nothing to do with Mountains of madness by Robb Daviau and Miguel Coimbra if you were curious.

If this game gets an adaptation, it will be one of the more recent board games to get a facelift. Video games and mobile apps have been adapted by production houses time and time again, but board games have never excelled in this area. But if this crowdfund passes, Mountains of madness could be the project that opens the floodgates. So if we could have a Warhammer anime, well, we’d be down!

What do you think of this pitch? Are there any board games on your shelf that need anime adaptations? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @Megan PetersCB.


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