Pokemon Stadium games are must-have for future Switch online updates


Although the Nintendo Direct of September 2021 is full of exciting trailers for upcoming games like Kirby and the Forgotten Country and Bayonet 3, arguably his biggest surprise was the announcement of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games coming to Nintendo Switch Online (NSO). Granted, these will be available through a more expensive “Expansion Pack”, and only a handful of titles have been confirmed for service, but it’s still a big addition. An N64 series that should be considered downstream is Pokémon Stadium.

Nine games will be added to NSO from the N64 library in late October, including classics like Super Mario 64, Ocarina of time, and Star fox 64. Beyond this launch collection, Nintendo has also confirmed seven upcoming games, ranging from Banjo-Kazooie To Kirby 64: Crystal Shards and F-Zero X. Pokémon Snap is also on the list of subsequent additions, which is suitable after the release of New Pokémon Snap earlier this year. However, even in the era of all in 3D Pokemon games, there are still reasons why Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stage 2 are experiences worth bringing back.

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Pokemon Stadium as a nostalgic representation

Pikachu Surf Pokemon Stadium Surfboard

Undoubtedly one of the main reasons why it is worth adding the Pokémon Stadium games at NSO is that they would be huge draws for the diehard fans who played them growing up. This is an argument that could be made for the release of any title, including fan favorites like Mario kart 64 and Paper mario, but for Pokemon it’s especially poignant given the retro game libraries on Switch.

So far, only NES and SNES games have been offered to Switch Online subscribers, meaning the handheld market that Pokemon called his home for decades is currently untapped. Game Boy or Game Boy Advance titles are unlikely to arrive on NSO anytime soon, so Pokémon Stadium would be the only opportunity for a “traditional” Pokemon combat experience to appear in the service.

It might seem silly to ask for this kind of experience when the Switch is already jam-packed with Pokemon games thanks to Let’s go, Pikachu! and Eevee!, Sword and Protect, as well as the next Brilliant diamond, Shiny pearl, and Legends: Arceus. However, there is something to be said for the game’s more simplistic art style and combat, and they are historically significant as some of the first titles to attempt to translate 2D spritework creatures into full 3D models – years before. Pokémon X and Yes. A big facet of Stadium The allure of the games is to transfer your Pokémon from Game Boy titles to 3D, which would be missing here, but there are still battle challenges that one could overcome using the rentals.

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Mini-games and online multiplayer

Pichu Mini Game Pokémon Stage 2

Unlike their spiritual successor Pokemon Fighting Revolution, both N64 Stadium the games are also noteworthy because of the mini games included in each package. There are nine mini-games in Pokémon Stadium, with popular choices such as Clefairy Says acting as the Pokemon equivalent of Simon Says; and there are 12 mini-games in Pokémon Stage 2, many of which include the new monsters from the Johto region.

None of Stadium the minigames are particularly complex, but that’s part of what helped them stand out. Like the mini-games in Mario party these are easy to understand for players of all skill levels and attractive due to the characters involved. With Mario party 1 through 3 also not currently confirmed for NSO’s Nintendo 64 library, both Stadium games could fill a niche.

NSO Libraries are known for providing online couch co-op gaming functionality – a particular boon given that the service is Nintendo’s first and foremost way for gamers to connect games to the internet. This offers even more life potential for Pokémon Stadium and Stage 2, as players could likely compete against each other and participate in online mini-games. With the COVID-19 issues lingering in the United States in particular, that would be a huge deal for fans. However, for now, only time will tell if Nintendo is adding the Pokémon Stadium series in the near future.

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