Pokemon fan makes unknown Ouija board

Taking inspiration from how Unown is shaped like letters, one fan carves a unique ouija board with the Symbol Pokémon.


Throughout the many years Pokemon existed, many fans saw the series as a source of inspiration. From plush toys to fan-made Pokemon designs, many talented players have done something in homage to the franchise they love. One fan shared a pretty unique craft project they made that should be of interest to fans of Pokémon Gold and Money and their remakes, because they took the time to carve out a Unown-themed ouija board.

Unown are curious creatures that were introduced in the second generation of Pokemon which are inspired by the letters of the alphabet. Each letter has an Unown that takes its shape, which makes these creatures one of the most alternate-shaped Pokémon out of the 898 available right now, with a whopping 28 in total, including both punctuation marks.


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Reddit user 32RabbitTeeth shared an image of his custom Unown ouija board, which appears to be engraved with a wood laser. The table is quite simple and has the usual words and letters for answers, such as “yes”, “no” and “goodbye” at the bottom. All of the characters are written in Unown lettering, including unofficial numbers but fan-made shapes for the creatures.

The original poster stated that when working on the board they were simply using an Unown font they found on the internet that included the numbers, leaving the person who designed them unknown for the time being. As a tool used to navigate the plank, the sculptor also made a special wooden ring to accompany the plank, making one half light wood and the other half using a darker shade to represent a Poke. Ball.

The craft may seem simple, but it is indeed impressive and unique. While many fans create paper objects from Pokemon places and creatures, along with plush toys and artwork, not many people would think of making a ouija board themed on one of their favorite franchises. This may in part have to do with rumors and myths on the device regarding the summoning of supernatural entities.

As part of that, the comments are filled with other fans saying that even though the device looks cool, they would never touch it; to say that playing with a ouija board is “not a joke”, even with a Pokemon pattern. Other fans are running around with the comments for fun, saying they’ll be summoning ghost-type Pokémon with the board. The Reddit user who created the item has yet to respond to comments, so it’s unclear whether the board will just sit on a shelf or see legitimate use in the future.

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