PlayStation’s PS3 and Vita stores will continue to sell PSP games


Last April, Sony gave up on shutting down the PS3 and Vita digital storefronts amid a general outcry from fans and retro-lovers alike. Instead, Sony has announced that it will only go ahead with its plan to end the sale of digital PSP games. Or so everyone thought so. According to a recent notice posted on the ‘Important Notices’ page of the PlayStation UK website, PSP games will continue to be sold in PS3 and Vita console stores.

“Upon reflection, however, it is clear that we made the wrong decision here,” wrote Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. an article from April 19 on the PlayStation Blog. “So today I’m happy to say we’ll keep the PlayStation Store up and running for PS3 and PS Vita devices. The PSP commerce feature will be phased out on July 2, 2021 as planned.

At the time, people thought that PSP games would no longer be sold in PS3 and Vita stores. VGC make a list of the 35 digital-only PSP games that would be “lost forever” as a result of the change. But the PlayStation UK website “important notice” page for discontinued apps, features and services says something different.

An update of the page, spotted for the first time earlier today on the ResetEra gaming forum, states that while users will no longer be able to search for PSP games on the PSP or make in-game purchases, they will still be able to purchase and download games. “You will still be able to buy and play PSP content available on the PS3 and PS Vita stores,” he says. “However, you will no longer be able to make purchases through the in-game store for PSP content.”

According to Google’s cache, this new language appeared shortly after noon on June 28. However, she does not currently appear on the American PlayStation site. But Sony confirmed that the language of PlayStation UK is correct in an email to Kotaku, recalling that users will still be able to “buy and play PSP content available on the PS3 and PS Vita stores” even after July 2.

Rumors that Sony would abandon its old storefronts were first reported by The player back in March. This sparked a storm of speculation and disappointment over state of conservation in the video game industry. The outcry only escalated once Sony finally confirmed the news later that month, leading the console maker to finally reverse course few weeks later.

Losing the PS3 and Vita stores would have meant goodbye to a multitude of digital-only games released for these systems, while forcing people to search for physical copies of the rest. PSP is even more tragic in some ways. Much more successful than its successor Vita, there’s no shortage of great games for Sony’s first handheld, including some brilliant but fairly obscure JRPGs and SRPGs (looking at you Jeanne D’Arc) which would be practically impossible to obtain except by hacking if they were no longer for sale on the Vita and PS3 stores.

Fortunately, now it looks like Sony will keep the unique digital library of the PSP for a bit longer.

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