PlayStation Store’s latest sale offers games for under $15

The PlayStation Network is once again offering the Under $15 Games Sale, loaded as ever with interesting indie hits and forgotten AAA gems.

PlayStation Network games on sale

Closely following the conclusion of major sales on PC platforms such as Steam, Green Man Gaming and the Epic Games Store, the PlayStation Network is launching its fairly regular sale of games under $15. While the titles on offer aren’t quite the same as the heavy hitters expected in PSN’s Critics Choice sale, there are still a few standout deals that indie fans might want to take note of.

Of particular note are heavily deducted titles like 2014’s high fantasy RPG Bound by flamewhich was reduced to two dollars after an eighty percent discount, and Litchdom: Warmage, an amalgamated FPS RPG, currently enjoying a similar price drop. There are also two entries in Assassin’s CreedThe Sidescroller 2D spin-off series, a distinctly inexpensive remake of the classic platformer Backtrackand half a staff of SoulCalibur 6 DLC, the last bit of which was released just over a year ago.


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Those looking for bigger deals might want to check out Extinctiona cross-platform action-adventure title announced by killer instinctthe developers of in 2017 who play as a mix between God of the war and The shadow of the colossuswhich is currently available for five bucks, or the underrated stealth FPS title get again, which is currently available for an equal price. Racing sim fans may love Motorcycle Racer 4whose Definitive Edition is currently available for just under three dollars, and at the other end of that spectrum is the decidedly arcade-inspired ATV Drift & Tricks Definitive Editionwhich is on sale for two and a half dollars.

Far Cry 6 Title Update 4

Of course, the most notable sales can be found in the aforementioned Critics Choice sale. Including a few AAA titles and some great VR offerings, there’s something here for just about every gamer. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag can be purchased for just under nine dollars, and the newest Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is available for a penny under fifteen dollars. Other sales worthy of note include the PS5 version of Far Cry 6—who has just gone wild Related to Rambo DLC content – with a forty percent discount and the latest iteration of God of the warwhich can be added to any Sony fan’s library for just ten bucks.

Overall, there are currently over four hundred games on sale on PlayStation Network, and the Critic’s Choice sale is set to run until February 12. The sale of games under $15 will last until February 17, and that may help tide some restless gamers through to the start of highly anticipated games like Forbidden Horizon West—an early PS4 version that was recently leaked online – and Ring of Elden later in the month.

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