Patriots continue to ruin Browns star Myles Garrett’s D&D games (Anti-Analysis)

That wasn’t enough to force Cleveland Browns players to postpone a Dungeons & Dragons session last season. Now the New England Patriots have played a role in the team by moving from the guy who ran the games.

Last year, Sports Illustrated ran a delightful story about how star Browns passing thrower Myles Garrett and guard Wyatt Teller got into D&D, with fullback Johnny Stanton leading an ongoing campaign as a master. group dungeon.

The campaign hit a snag when the group had to postpone what was supposed to be the session. The reason: The Browns held a defensive-only meeting after the team lost to the Patriots, 45-7.

Now, it looks like Garrett & Co. won’t be holding any more D&D games for the foreseeable future. Once again, the Patriots are in the game.

Patriots-Browns anti-analysis (Week 6)

I’m not here to analyze the Patriots game this Sunday. It looks like real work Chris Mason Where Matt Vulture would (suckers). Instead, I’m here to highlight 5-10 general observations and information that have at least a tangential connection to Sunday’s game.

The rise and fall of the Browns D&D campaign — and where the Patriots fit in

It was Stanton who got Garrett and Teller interested in Dungeons & Dragons and it was the DM who ran the games. However, Stanton was let go as part of the August 30 workforce reductions. He remains a free agent.

Now, the Browns don’t currently have a fullback on their roster. Instead, as ESPN’s Mike Reiss pointed outthey turned to an offensive lineman as a plus-size guard in goal-line situations.

The editor in question? Former Patriots guard Hjalte Froholdt (pronunciation YELL-duh FROH-holt).

Those in New England may remember Froholdt as a fourth-round pick in 2019. The Denmark native spent his rookie season on injured reserve before being cut before the start of the 2020 regular season.

Now, as Reiss noted, Froholdt seems to have found a niche as a situational back. He has played limited snaps this season (only six). But he played three snaps last week against the Chargers.

For now, it looks like the Browns have their solution at fullback, replacing Stanton with a former Patriots draft pick that didn’t work out.

Stanton’s D&D boom was fun while it lasted

In addition to their campaign last year, Stanton, Garrett and Teller all took part in a live charity event. Browns players performed in front of a crowd for charity with table game personalities Ify Nwadiwe and Aabriya Iyengar. The 100-person event was a sold-out affair at the Tabletop Board Game Café in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland.

The players took part in a game filled with Browns and NFL references, which took place in the city of Clevelandia. The setting was designed by Brandon Tharp, an Ohio-based TikTok personality and longtime D&D gamer.

Garrett played the role of a draconic born samurai. His description: “He’s a samurai. He has a big sword and his name is Zax. Zax receives sacks and he breaks his back.

Meanwhile, Teller played a high elf warlock named Xero, who has an imp on his shoulder named “Beans”.

Then there was the character of Stanton, a fire genasi sniper with a name based on a pun: “My name is Highwater, Heller Highwater.”

The event ended up raising $11,540 for Comic Relief US as part of the Red Nose Day fundraising campaign. (The event was also streamed, with the entire session available on YouTube.)

As for Stanton, he still hasn’t found a new home in the NFL, but he’s doing well. It has gained momentum in the tabletop gaming community. He also streams video games on Twitch.

The message “Is he on this team now?” Player of the Week: WR Amari Cooper

I forgot and remembered that Cooper was traded to Cleveland several times this season. It remains absolutely crazy to me that Dallas traded it for pennies on the dollar.

The Browns sent the Cowboys a fifth-round pick in addition to trading sixth-round picks to acquire the four-time Pro Bowler.

Name of the week: CB Greedy Williams

Born Andraez Montrell Williams, the cornerback goes by the nickname Greedy. Where does the name come from ?

“I got the nickname Greedy from my aunt,” Williams said, via the Browns website. “I was six months (old) and drank a lot of milk and she called me Greedy DeeDee, but they took the DeeDee away and I’ve been Greedy ever since.”

Bill Belichick’s non-answer of the week

Belichick, when asked how similar the skills of Bailey Zappe and Mac Jones were:

“How similar are they? I do not know. They are both right handed.

The list of patriots married to medical professionals keeps growing

Longtime Special Teams captain Matthew Slater is married to Providence-based pathologist Dr. Shahrzad Slater.

Defensive captain Devin McCourty is married to Dr. Michelle Powell, who works in emergency medicine in New Jersey.

Security Adrian Phillips is married to Dr. Camille Phillips, a pediatric resident at the University of Texas.

Now there’s cornerbacks coach Mike Pellegrino, who was spotted wearing a Boston Children’s Hospital jersey this week. The coach explained that his wife is a pediatric occupational therapist who just got a new job there.

“I’m happy to be part of the family now with my wife who works there,” Pellegrino said.

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