Opinion: San Diego’s dependence on tourism is difficult for residents


Our city’s rulers are addicted to transitional occupancy taxes and fees that are levied for a wide range of peer-to-peer businesses that undermine the safety and quality of life of its residents.

These include scooters with 43,000 ‘Get It Done’ complaints since July 2019 with little effect, illegal beach fires, overflowing trash cans, short-term rentals that depopulate our communities, and street vendors without Licence.

The problem is threefold: the peer-to-peer business model, overturning our historical institutions, distributes responsibilities, making it impossible to identify fault; municipal code regulations are sufficiently diffuse to allow the city’s favorite game, the ultimate finger-pointing; and, without platform accountability, we can anticipate too many unlicensed peer-to-peer companies as well as harmful units that are beyond the capabilities of law enforcement and compliance officers.

The first step towards a cure is to accept the fact that we have overtourism in Mission Beach and other communities.

Gary Wonacott
Mission Beach

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