One of BoardGameGeek’s best games now has a Steam version

After Wingspan and Gloomhaven, a beloved board game has a new digital port in Everdell, which arrived on Steam last week. The low-key strategy game about city-building woodland creatures has been a huge hit with board gamers over the past few years, climbing into the top 30 games on BoardGameGeek. and gain wide acclaim. Everdell has been praised for both its accessibility and depth: it’s easy to understand, but smart strategies still rule.

In Everdell, you do one thing every turn: place your worker on the board to get items, play cards from your hand, or collect all of your workers. From this simple strategy emerges a game about building your town tableau, essentially a multitude of card options, turning combinations of actions and card powers into an engine of victory. You only have four seasons to play, so this is one of those games where your actions are known from the start. What matters is what you do with it.

You can add a treetop school to your village, making your normal creatures worth more victory points, alongside a crow teacher that will allow you to draw more cards. Thing is, other players are looking for the same things, so punching them can really count. You have a post office, but so does the other guy: who will receive the corresponding postal pigeon first?

An interesting feature of Everdell is that many of its mechanics require interaction with other players. Some games like this are criticized for being essentially multiplayer solitaires, so it’s nice to see how often you have to interact in Everdell. For example, that raven professor from earlier asks you to draw two cards, keep one, and give the second to another player.

The digital adaptation, by the veteran port team at Dire Wolf, looks to be about as good as their previous work on Root and A Game of Thrones. It includes a single-player option, which is part of the original board game, alongside multiplayer against the AI ​​or others online. Early player reviews mention a few bugs, and the UI design looks pretty good – it’s clearly not Wingspan digital, but we can’t expect every port to be this masterful.

You can find Everdell on Steam for $20 / £15.49. It is not yet known if the table extensions will be ported, which often depends on sales.

(Image credit: Dire Wolf)

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