Oh no! Shweta’s game begins, Give Dhara a suggestion

Bombay :Daily soap Pandya Store has earned a place in everyone’s hearts with its captivating story and intriguing twists. Fans completely relate to each character in the series and spread their love over all three couples; however, Shiva and Raavi often top the charts as their favorites.

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In the next episode, Dhara convinces Suman to give Shweta another chance. Shweta has an evil smile on her face as she has plans to ruin the family’s happiness.

Later, Krish and Shweta are in their room where they are fighting. Suddenly Dhara comes there to talk to Krish and she notices that the couple suddenly fell silent and they were arguing. However, there is something more shocking that she notices. Dhara looks around the room and sees that there is a new bed, a new TV, a new sofa, etc. Dhara worriedly asks Krish how he got money for all this. Krish remains silent and looks at Shweta. While Dhara watches Krish, Shweta smiles as it is his game.

Later Shweta comes to Dhara saying they should take money from the property and use it for Diwali celebration. However, Dhara clarifies that not a single penny will be taken from the wealth.

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What does Shweta plan to do?

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