Not just music: shopping, games and more keep Faster Horses attendees entertained between acts


BROOKLYN, MI – The 2021 Faster Horses Festival is all about country music and camping, but what do fans do in between performances?

If they don’t listen to the performers on the “Next from Nashville” stage or the main stage, they can shop, dance and play games near the Irish Hills stage.

While the Irish Hills stage gathers a crowd to dance online with DJ Honey Badger, Faster Horses fans are also playing unique games nearby.

The “Guess who?” Life-size The game features playing pieces from the festival’s biggest artists like Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett and Luke Combs. However, its size means that you may have to yell your yes or no questions at your opponent.

The Faster Horses Festival playground includes a cup pong, a “Guess who?” ” full-scale. and more.

The playground also includes a football bowling alley, where participants can throw a football to knock down bowling pins. A life-size beer pong also gathered a group as two opponents tossed a volleyball into giant red solo cups in place of a ping-pong ball.

Customers can also try their luck at Skee-Ball, a popular arcade game characteristic of the playground.

The area also offers shopping, including some interesting finds.

Tucked away on a staircase near the north entrance to the Faster Horses Festival is a pop-up mall catering to all fan needs.

In the marketplace, fans can find everything from cowboy hats and clothing to portable toilets – yes, you read that right. Between the craft beer stalls and clothing tents is the Tailgate Toilet store.

2021 Faster Horses Purchases

In addition to all the clothing needs of Faster Horses fans, there is the Tailgate Toilet store. Founder Kristin Ostrander shows how the bathroom collapses in a backpack on July 17, 2021.

Kristin Ostrander created the Tailgate toilets, which are not only for hatchbacks, but also festivals, hunting, fishing and more. The portable toilet tent folds into a backpack.

“It’s really portable and it’s clean, private, germ-free,” Ostrander said.

For $ 130, fans can have their own hatchback toilets and opt out of public portable bathrooms.

The Braid Bar, where people can have their hair braided, drew the longest line among commercial tents, while other stores sold jewelry and sprays to cool off.

If fans don’t like DJ Honey Badger’s calls to take the dance floor, they can also take a break at a few lounges near the Irish Hills stage.

Outside of the Irish Hills stage, fans can enjoy a waterslide, Ferris wheel, swings and more.

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